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Book Nerd's Dozen: Melanie Shawn

HEY READERS!!! It has been quite some time since we have had a guest on our BOOK NERD'S DOZEN! But, today we are excited and eager to introduce Melanie & Shawna: The book writing duo better known as Melanie Shawn! *Insert Fangirl Squeal* I loved getting to know these two with these questions! I think that Melanie's super power is a lot like Sherlock Holmes in their books! On to the Book Nerd's Dozen!

1) Waiting in line at Starbucks, what do you order? What name do you give?

Melanie: I generally order a venti iced coffee. I’m pretty plain. But my niece Mariah came up with a vegan concoction (venti iced chai tea latte with soy milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup) that’s pretty dang tasty, so sometimes I will get that, as well. I give them my actual name, Melanie, which usually ends up being written as ‘Melony’ on the cup!

Shawna: As Melanie mentioned my daughter gets a venti iced chai latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup and soy milk, so that is usually what I’m ordering when I go there. I normally don’t get anything from there but if I do it is a venti cup of ice water w/3 scoops of Matcha. I like to add 1 pack of honey. I always give my name, because I am a rule follower to a ridiculous degree.

2) Who was your first book boyfriend?

Melanie: My dad gave me this book about Ulysses and the Trojan War, and all of the adventures and travails that he went through over the course of 20 years or so trying to get back to Penelope. I was only about 8 or 9, but it made a big impact. I have to admit, I swooned over that story throughout my teen years!

Shawna: Todd Wilkins from Sweet Valley High. I wanted to be Elizabeth Wakefield SO bad!

3) Last song you couldn't get enough of?

Melanie: I actually just posted about this on Facebook! There’s a song called “Blue Sky” by Francesca Battistelli that reminds me of Cat and Jace from our book Someday Girl. Specifically, I feel like Cat would love the song, but Jace would feel it was too bouncy and peppy for him, musically - while secretly loving the sentiment.

Shawna: To dance to: Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainer (I’m a Zumba instructor and I love doing that song in my classes). To swoon to: Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. The lyrics “And your heart's against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck, I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet” get me every time!

4) At this very moment, do your socks match?

Melanie: I only ever wear socks with sneakers for working out, so I have a whole drawer full of identical black socks for that purpose. So, basically, short answer - yes, if I’m ever wearing them, they always match!

Shawna: I only own white socks, so yes. Yes, they do.

5) Dog-earring: okay or unforgivable?

Melanie: Are we talking about piercing dogs' ears? Or buying cute and dangly ear-jewelry shaped like schnauzers? Because neither one of those is OK.
As for folding down pages of books, neither my Kindle nor my Audible app lets that happen very easily, so it’s not something I have to devote much thought to!

Shawna: Hello, my name is Shawna and I am a dog-earer. I admit it. I am. I know it’s not a popular form of holding your place in a book, but when you have two kids and get interrupted often, it works. No one can argue with that.

6) What is your superpower?

Melanie: I’m not even kidding about this, and Shawna can confirm - I have an uncanny ability to pick up on secret relationships between people. If they’re having an affair, or they hate each other and are trying to hide it...anything like that. I pick up on it, and it always turns out to be true later. One time I even picked up that someone was having an affair with his secretary from hearing a story that someone else was telling about him, and the secretary was barely in the story!

Shawna: Yes, I can confirm Melanie does have a sixth sense when it comes to the vibes flowing between people that they think they are keeping on the down low. I think my superpower is being able to function on little to no sleep. I’ve got that on lock.

7) Dog person or cat person?

Melanie: My dog is sitting right next to me, so I have to type “dog person” or he’ll get offended. Good thing it’s true!

Shawna: Dog person. It’s kind of by default because I am severely allergic to cats. But when I was a kid, before my parents knew I was allergic, I had a cat named Snuggles that I loved more than life itself. I would dress her up in baby doll clothes and push her around in my cabbage patch stroller. She was my world.

8) Nickname?

Melanie: I’m boring. Mel (and variations based on that) is about as creative as it gets. Shawna calls me “Sissy.” That’s about it!

Shawna: Oh boy, there are so many. Growing up a redhead I got all the common ones. Ginger. Strawberry Shortcake. Pippi Longstocking. And of course, Red and Carrot Top.
In middle school I got the nickname Scrappy Doo, because I would always pick fights with people bigger usually of the opposite sex. It was never on my behalf, I was always sticking up for someone being picked on.
My mom and family call me Na Na or Nae Nae Roo Roo.

9) If you had to leave one piece of advice for the next generation, what would it be?

Melanie: Don’t choose your college based on rankings and trying to get into the most prestigious school you can. That shit won’t matter in the end, trust me! Choose your college based on visiting the places you’re considering. Go to the one that makes your skin tingle and your brain feel alive and your heart feel like it just came home!

Shawna: You only have one life, don’t waste it worrying about what other people think about your choices.

10) Tell me about your best author fangirl moment! (Either one you had or one someone had with you!)

Melanie: No contest, it’s when we were on the Amazon Author ranking right under Michael Connelly. Screenshots for days!

Shawna: Oh this is easy peasy. It was the first time Carly Freaking Phillips shared one of our books on her Facebook page then messaged me to ask if I wanted to be part of a promotion she was doing. I still remember getting the message. I read it and re-read it and then sat at my desk crying for a good thirty minutes. I am a HUGE Carly Phillips fan (just in case that wasn’t clear!). Not in a million years did I ever think she would be aware of my existence, much less read something Melanie and I had written! Over the last year and half we’ve gotten to know each other and I still can’t believe it any time I have any interaction with her. I have to pinch myself and then try not to gush about how amazing she is and attempt to be somewhat professional. It’s a challenge people, let me tell you. I heart her SO much!

11) Are the men in your stories your ideal? Do you write them based off of someone?

Melanie: No, we try to avoid tropes where we can, or at least give them a twist.
smile emoticon
As for being based on someone, we generally don’t base a character wholesale on someone else, but we do sometimes give a character one trait that is a tribute to someone we care about (like humor, or warm-heartedness).

Shawna: My dad saw my mom at church when they were ten and fell head over heels in love with her. They started dating when they were 16 (she wouldn’t date him until he grew taller than her, lol), got married at eighteen and will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary in July. My dad cannot keep his hands off my mom and when he talks about her his face lights up. I truly believe he still sees the girl he fell in love with all these years later. I use his unwavering love and devotion as inspiration all the time when I’m writing my heroes.

12) Now, this one is important... Do you return your buggy to it's proper location after grocery shopping?

Melanie: I do...well, unless it’s really far away. LOL

Shawna: I always do, but I have to admit I am usually shopping with one of my kids and usually they are the ones to do the actual returning, but I delegate.

The extra question, like the extra in a baker's dozen)
Can you leave us fans with some juicy tidbit? A secret? (WE WON'T TELL!) A pet peeve?

Shawna: Oooh this is tough. Hmmm, well I don’t really have a lot of secrets. My life is boring. It consist of writing, taking care of my family, and teaching Zumba. Rinse and repeat. But a pet peeve of mine is when people cut in line. I know it sounds ridiculous, and it probably stems from my aforementioned rule following OCD, but it drives me crazy. Just wait your turn. How much do you really gain by being an inconsiderate jerk?!

Sorry…I didn’t mean to rant, it just really bugs me.

A big thanks to Melanie & Shawna for taking the time to chat with two book nerds like us! Also, thanks for rocking our literary worlds with what y'all do with a pen and paper! Can't wait to catch up with you when later books come out!

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My Last (Crossroads Series)

He was the bad boy...

After twelve years in the Marines Special Forces Riley Sloan is more than ready to start his new civilian life. No one to answer to. No one depending on him. No more dangerous rescues...he thought. After receiving a distress call he is sent on a recon mission to check on the one girl that is completely off limits and the only girl that ever made him question his loyalty. His best friend's little sister. She is the last girl he should want...but the only one he does. This could end up being the riskiest operation of his life.

She was the good girl...

Rachelle Thomas wouldn't hurt a fly. She is honest, kind and always sees the best in people. So she is completely blindsided when her fiancé dumps her for his pregnant 18 year old secretary. Confused and heartbroken she decides to head out of town to regroup. When her attempt to hide from the world worries her friends and family they send out a search party of one, Riley Sloan. Her brother's best friend and the star of all of her teenage (and adult) fantasies. She knows wanting him is wrong but she is tired of always doing the "right thing"...especially when Riley made the "wrong thing" feel so right.

I literally had to tear myself away from the series to write my review. I read My Last and dove right into My Only because it was starring Alex. And that man... he is my heart. So, please excuse if my review is scatter-brained, out of order or... WAIT! What am I saying? My reviews are ALWAYS like this. 

Chelle is my book Diamond Friend. I fell in love with her character in the last book and was rooting for her to find her HEA. But, with Alex? I was taken aback when Alex came to her rescue at the wedding, and I will admit I was a little jealous. (Ok... A LOT jealous... but, I have issues) When Chelle hides away to regroup after what should be the heartbreak of a lifetime, her friends have Riley pop in to check on her well-being. Enter the star of her teenage fantasies. One of my favorite parts of an enemies to lovers or friends to lovers story is the "RECONNECT" moment. Often times, an author will make this such a smooth and effortless encounter, when in reality - you know that crap is awkward with a capital "A." 
"Riley?" Chelle spoke his name in disbelief. Trying to make some sort of sense of what was going on, she asked, "Is it... What are you...What are you here?"
"What?" she asked, bewildered. 
"Sightseeing," he repeated. 
"In my bedroom?" she murmured, puzzled. 
I simply adored the ease of their interactions. What I got from the small stuff they did for each other was that it was ingrained in their DNA to be there for each other. No matter the distance or years that passed between them, other other person being okay was their end game. 

He knew that, no matter how long he lived, all he would have to do was close his eyes and he would be able to remember it, clear as a bell - the way she felt, the way she sounded, and the way she smelled of coconut and cinnamon. 

When you put a forkful of that long-forgotten favorite food into your mouth again, and it is like a mouth orgasm. This was like that. But with eyes. It was an eye orgasm. An eyegasm. 

Both Chelle and Riley knew in their hearts this was it for them, but there were feelings of inadequacy or not wanting to pressure the other into something they didn't want. So, they pretended this was a light and short-lived fling. But, even their friends and family knew something was up. 

Tommy smiled. "Look, I know we haven't seen a lot of each other the last couple of years since I got out, but I do know you. And she's it for you. She's the real deal."

"If you're doing fine, then why is he still there, Chelle?"
"Sightseeing," she answered honestly. 
"Tell Riley to call me," Eddie barked. 
My thoughts and ramblings: 
  • My favorite part about this story was the deep understanding that Chelle realized when spending time with Riley - SHE DESERVED BETTER. I think this is a great message to all women out there. Don't settle. No, love is not easy - but being treated like a Queen is a must. Find the man who will make sure you have your jacket. :) 
  • Eddie and Riley made me smile. I was glad the protective brother role didn't just disappear when they hooked up. I am glad Eddie did what a brother needs to do - no matter HOW annoying he is to Chelle. I hope for my daughter's sake that her brothers will be like this. She is in the middle of two boys and only 16 months older than her younger brother, so I am sure she will date some of his friends. Oh lord... just the thought makes me giggle. 
  • Katie asked a simple question of Chelle and her response was my all-time favorite declaration of love in a Romance book:
    • "Uuuummmm...well, I kissed him because I have been in love with him since middle school. I kissed him because I have never felt about anyone the way I feel about Riley Sloan. No one evens comes in a close second. I kissed him because I can barely think of anything other than kissing him when he is within  a four-block radius of me. No, scratch that - he doesn't even have to be in the same country as I am and it's hard not to think about it. I kissed him because I had to." 
  • I love series that involve brothers or groups of male friends. The glimpses into their friendships is a riot. A blast. Sexy as hell. And when Alex, Jason and Bobby realize Riley loves Chelle - Alex makes me laugh with his typical humor: 
    • "What the hell is wrong with you guys?" Alex shook his head in disgust. "You're droppin' like flies. First Bobby, then Jason, now you. What? Is there something in the water? I better stick with bottled just to be safe." 
  • I giggled out loud when a certain proposal was answered with "Who told you?" It took some bargaining, in a very Chelle & Riley way, but once he threw in breakfast - she was game. 
So, as you can see... I loved this story. And a few additional random thoughts: 
  • Kristyn and I NEVER read the same stuff. In the last 2 years, maybe 3 or 4 series. TOPS. But, I talked so much about the first book - she read it. And is reading through the series like a champ. Which is a huge compliment - because she isn't a big romance fan. 
  • I found myself reading every chance I got: while waiting in the LONG line at the drive-thru for lunch, not taking a lunch to read and waking up in the middle of the night to pee - but reading instead. 
  • I need to meet the authors. Like ASAP. Kristyn and I will fangirl and squeal and then we shall have coffee and talk about how Alex should have fallen in love with me. :) Luckily, I did not feel the jealousy when Alex met Jamie as I did when I thought Alex was trying to score with Chelle. 
I will leave you with the ONE LINE in the book that is my favorite. It happens in each book. There comes a line(s) that I highlight and find myself going back to reread. I constantly think of how I can work it into my review. Most times, I can't. This time is NO different. Sometimes this line is the declaration of love, sometimes it is a cheesy pick-up line and sometimes it is a gem like this one: 
She stood back, opening the door wider. "Do you want to come in?"
He looked tortured by her invitation. "I can't" 
Ooookaay. Thinking she needed to lighten the mood, she smiled. "Well, if it's because you're a vampire, then no worries. I just invited you in,'re in the clear."
He looked confused. 
Alrighty then. Not a big fan of vampire humor. 

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Someday Girl (Someday Series)

For Cat Nichols, someday was finally here. Going away to college meant a fresh and new start for the girl who lived locked away in a prison of insecurities. She was ready to experience new things and meet new people. But she wasn’t ready for him…

Jace Butler had experienced things that no person should have to. Trying to come to terms with his past and live in the present was a constant struggle for the man whose demons lie dormant beneath the skin of his rippling body and sexy smile. But when she walked into his life, the chance for a better life came with her…

After finding each other, Cat and Jace also find that both past and present issues are trying to ruin their chance for a better future. Issues that will have to be dealt with for once and for all…together or apart.

Some thoughts? 
  • I usually have trouble when an author genre hops. This book seemed younger than Hope Falls series and Crossroads series - but have NO FEAR. The genre was rocked. The younger angle of the book didn't seem faked or awkward. 
  • The main character really spoke to me. Why, you ask?
    • We are both named: Cat. 
    • We both are list driven. "I was a list kind of girl."
    • Adorkable. 
  • A freakin BAMBI reference in the book. Be still my Disney loving heart... 
  • She writes Pi-Kus. We need to be friends, me and Cat. It would be like John Green's book, 'The Abundance of Katherines. "
And then there is Jace. "Finally, I lifted my gaze, and nothing - nothing- could have prepared me for what I saw or how it made me feel. Jace's striking blue eyes stared directly into mine, beneath his thick blanket of inky lashes, and held my gaze." 

Cat is a shy person, but something about Jace makes her just blurt stuff out. I love it. The awkward interactions are how EVERY girl feels when that guy steals all her sanity with just a glance. And while we think we are bombing, the way he sees it is ADORABLE. 
"I don't think you need to worry about that," he grinned. "I don't know you well enough - yet - to know if you're a dork or not. But I do know that you are adorable." 
Someday Girl is a wonderfully penned story of a young girl trying to find herself after spending her entire life hiding behind her mother. A story of those one of  a kind friendships that you only dream of, and that first undeniable, uncontrollable first love. 

Both Cat and Jace have personal battles that they need to overcome. While it is instinct to not lean on another person because you have never been able to, they find that will only hinder the relationship that is beautifully blooming between them. When will we ever learn? While we do not want to bring the person we love into a messy situation, hiding it (or sugar coating it) isn't the answer... but then what fun would a love story be if it was simple? 

Eager to jump into the other books to see how their story plays out, but also for the fun cast of friends. Annabelle, Elijah's wife, is feisty. (To put it mildy.) "Oh yeah!" Annabelle raged. "You're used to being the craziest bitch in any room! Well, you've never seen my Stockton side. You're used to turning on that cray cray faucet and having people crumble and do whatever you want because they don't want to find out how far you'll take it. Well, honey, I invented the cray cray faucet, and I guaran-fucking-tee you that you aren't willing to take it as far as I am..." Yep. Annabelle is not the person you want on your bad side. Thank God she likes Cat! :) 

Favorite Lines from the book???

The face that she displayed that reaction from seeing me was nothing short of fucking intoxicating. 

Every day, I would wake up feeling like there was no way I could grow to love her more by the end of the day, and every night, I would go to sleep amazed at the fact that I had.

"Yeah, I guess it just goes to show that sometimes the guy picks Mary Ann instead of Ginger."

AS USUAL, let's take a minute to show these ladies some LOVE! 

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My First (Crossroads Series)

Jason Sloan is known as Harper’s Crossing’s resident Romeo, and he’s never had to work too hard to live up to that nickname. With his easygoing charm, whiskey-colored brown eyes, and sinfully sexy half smile, women just seem to fall all over themselves when he’s around.

Well...most women, anyway. Katie Lawson’s the one woman who isn't putty in his hands, and she's the only one he’s ever wanted in his arms.

Katie Lawson left Harper's Crossing in the middle of the night ten years ago, immediately after her high school boyfriend Nick's funeral. She left behind all memories of Nick, and she left behind her life-long best friend, Jason Sloan.

Now she's on the fast track to junior partner at one of San Francisco's top law firms. She's made a life for herself that's all about maintaining order and sticking to the rules. Rule #1 is keeping herself WAY too busy to think about all that she ran away from. If she can do that, after all, she can keep everything under control.

But that rule is about to be broken. She’s headed back home to be the maid of honor in Nick’s little sister’s wedding. It's time to face the truth she's been avoiding all these years, the same one that sent her running ten years ago - that maybe she didn't lose her first love the summer after high school. Maybe her first love has been waiting for her all this time, at home in Harper's Crossing.


Meet Jason Andrew Sloan. "...had chestnut brown hair, whiskey-colored, soulful brown eyes, and a smile that could, as her Aunt Wendy always said, 'melt butter in a freezers.' He was also the first person Katie had met in her kindergarten class at Harper's Crossing Elementary." 

Melanie Shawn's MY FIRST is the first book in their Crossroads series. There are EIGHT books and a novella. This lady is excited. While visiting in Harper's Crossing, Katie reunites with all her friends and family after staying away from her home for 10 years. If she could get through the weekend without the need of her trusty brown paper bag, it would be a success. Tip? Stay FAR AWAY from her childhood friend, Jas. Her body disobeyed the rules with the reaction it got from him: Butterflies! Nope. Maybe, Hummingbirds? 
"But, she amended, it's like they're not even just flying around in there. Maybe they are having some kind of Gladiator death battle, or an orgy, or... stop it Katie."
And then, you have your leading lady, Katie. (Or Kit Kat!) 
  • The nickname that she was given on the 1st day of Kindergarten was the root cause of some Jason hatred. (I think because his smug 5 year old self would not fess up to messing up her name paper. And she used RAINBOWS!) ***On another note, last night I sent my husband to the store because I needed a Kit Kat. 
  • Katie and I hate the same words. "I thought 'panties' and 'moist' were at the top of the 'perfectly valid words Katie hates' list."
  • She quotes Anne of Green Gables
SUPPORTING CHARACTERS! These are incredibly important to me in any book, but I honestly think they carry a romance novel. Not the love (although, it is kind of necessary.) You need those people like Grandpa J and Chelle, your Diamond Friend, to knock some sense into you when you are acting like a boob or let the air out of your tires! Good one Grandpa J!  We all have those friends. (My blog buddy, Kristyn is one of mine!) 

One character that stayed with me was Alex. One of the Sloan brothers. I loved his brand of Smug and Snark. I found myself highlighting just about EVERYTHING that came out of his mouth; creating sort of a shrine to Alex. 
"Hey, you bringing a date to the wedding?"
Alex smiled and deep dimples appeared on his face. "Nah, bro. That would be like taking sand to the beach." 
Geez. I kind of NEED his story STAT!

WORDS. Silly, right? Of course the words are important. It is a book. But NO! I mean, the new words. It's been awhile since I have spotlighted a new word, but this is too good to pass up. 
FAUXNICENT. The faux-innocent tone that is Kit Kat's speciality. Another reason why I adore Katie. This is her thought process following the use of the word. "She should copyright it. She had the legal knowledge to be able to do that, and it was, after all, her 'go to' move." Katie and I are book Diamond Friends. :) "She explained that 'diamond friends' were better than plain old 'best friends' because diamonds were not only rare, they were forever."

There was so much to this unrequited love story. The pain of Nick's passing, along with realizing that he may not have been the perfection her teenage heart saw. The reality that surviving is NOT living. I loved every bump in the road. And there were lots! I loved the drunken moments like I was there taking shots while talking about my moments in the Black Chevy! :) Before I leave you to swoon over the beauty that is Jas - I shall share some of my favorite moments from the book. 

"Well I've always know that God put you here for me. You might be a little slow on the uptake, but I'm just glad that you finally realize it, too."

"...You are the book I want to read in Braille cover to cover..."

(You should watch this video about how David Ryan Harris came to writing this song, Pretty Girl)

"Hmmm." he said lightly, trying to mask the ecstatic tone he would have otherwise been using, "So, basically, you're moving home because I'm the 'Panic Attack Whisperer.' Is that right?" 

"Yes, Kit Kat," he admitted happily. "I was the one who wrote on your name paper."  (Swoon, right?!) 


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Sweet Reunion (A Hope Falls Novel)

I often find myself browsing through Amazon looking at the books. I know...I know. I have 5 bookshelves, and God knows how many TBR books on my wonderful Kindle. Does it stop me? Nope. And stumbling upon an author (or authors!) in this case, is the reason why I shall continue. I adore a well written second chance romance, and with a title like SWEET REUNION - I knew I would not be disappointed. So let's start with some cool things I found out after devouring this book by the talented Melanie Shawn:

  • Melanie Shawn is actually TWO sisters (Melanie & Shawna) who write together. How cool? I am always intrigued by writing duos, like Ilona Andrews. I'd love to pick their brain as to how they do it! 
  • They are from California like me! 
  • This series is slated for 8 books so far! YAY! 
Now for the book, here is your blurb! 
For Amanda Jacobs, dealing with the pain of losing her beloved Dad is the toughest thing she’s ever gone through, and it comes with a lot of complications, as well – like taking over the family business, Mountain Ridge Outdoor Adventures. It makes her miss the simplicity of being a teenager, when she was surrounded by her amazing friends, The Fabulous Four, and she was madly in love with her Dad’s right hand man, Justin Barnes. His sexy smiles and deep brown eyes had made her heart race in a way she’s never felt before or since. When the Fabulous Four unexpectedly show up on her doorstep to support her through this complicated time, things seem to be looking up for Amanda. But that’s not the only surprise visit in store for her…

Justin Barnes left Hope Falls ten years ago, in the dead of night, and didn’t think he’d ever set foot there again. That was just fine with him, except for one little complication: Amanda Jacobs. He had fallen in love with her unruly blonde curls and sparkling sapphire eyes, but she had been a teenager then, five years younger than he – too young for him to act on his attraction. Still, he’d missed her every single day of those ten years. When Justin receives a phone call that his former mentor has passed away, he knows he has to return to Hope Falls. Justin just has one question – will the girl that once adored him have grown into a woman that can’t stand him? Or will she still be the only thing in the world that feels like home?
A few things I need in a romance is the hurdles. I cannot... I repeat CANNOT read a cookie cutter, simple romance. Silly, right? Since I read romance for the HEA. But, I need a moment of "Oh... are they gonna work?" (Yes, I know they are... but I still get the butterflies!) This book had all the goodies a romance can offer. Small Town? CHECK. Second Chance Love? CHECK. A rag tag bunch of childhood friends that tell it like it is? CHECK. One to five secrets and/or unknowns revealed to make the story more compelling? CHECK. Forgiveness? CHECK. So much more? CHECK. Instead of spoiling the book for you, I am going to go the way of the list. Random? CHECK. 
  • Justin is a tough guy whose heart is in the right place, just wasn't taught what to do with it. 
  • Amanda is a sweet girl. Perhaps too sweet for her own good. 
  • Teddy is just a great addition to the story. I love how animals add such a telling touch to a person's intentions and heart. 
  • The Fab Four sounds like a blast to have around, and I am eager to read each of there stories as they all find their ways back home. 
  • Trent. Grrr. A few facts about Trent and I. 
    • I loved the name since I fell for Trent from Daria. I know... I know what you are thinking: "You fell for a cartoon character?" Yep, sure did! Judge away! 
    • I feel like the only thing lacking from his story, besides another punch or FOUR - is Teddy disliking him. There was no mentioned love for him, but I feel like Teddy should have growled or barked. I felt like growling. 
    • I would have LOVED to see an encounter between the Fab Four and him AFTER all the secrets were revealed. 
  • The flow of this book was as smooth as a glass of whiskey. Everything was well paced and the build was natural. Which is saying a lot in regards to the time frame of the story. 
  • Even the villains were characters you grew to care about... Except for "Ohhhh...Justin!" She could bite me. Hehe
And now, I can't leave you without sharing some of my favorite lines from the book: 
  • He never met a stranger. Every person in the world, to him, was just a friend he hadn't met yet.
  • "So if she's Joey, does that make you Pacey or Dawson?" she whispered.
  • "Hey," she protested, "you guys are having a threesome and nobody thought to invite me?"
  • "Wow. That was the most oddly romantic story I think I've ever heard." Lauren smiled and Sam and Amanda laughed. "I'm serious," Karina said earnestly. "If I were a country singer, my next single would be 'I Thank God You Were Wearing Your Garfield Socks.'"
  • "Son, don't you know? If you don't stir the pit, the soup'll burn. You gotta stir the pot or all you end up with is a big ol' mess."
So, there you have it. An odd review of a GREAT book. Look, I am not the writer - these ladies are. And trust me, it is a beautifully written story of love and forgiveness. Before I head out, let's give these ladies some READER LOVE!