Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ode to Kristen Ashley

Reasons Why I have an #AuthorCrush on this woman.

1) Kristen creates these worlds that you become a part of on page one. You can be making coffee at Fortum's, learning the ropes of how to be a Biker Babe with Chaos, managing your day to day life in the 'Burg all while trying to NOT get kidnapped, stabbed, buried alive or become the characters in a best selling series written by an anonymous person.

2) This love isn't an ordinary, run of the mill love you find in her books. This is a STOP THE PRESS!... Hung the Moon love. It hits you so deeply that you fall in love right along with the characters. It isn't all romantic love either. There are friendships, mentorships, parental relationships and more that are formed throughout her books that are just earth shatteringly beautiful with their words and actions.


“I figured the Nightingale Investigations job application form had the question "Are you hot? Yes. No. If you answered no, please exit the building.”   (Rock Chick Revenge)

“Wars fought over a face like this,” he murmured like he was talking to himself, my heart stopped beating and his thumbs moved lightly across my cheeks. “A man would work himself into the ground for it, go down to his knees to beg to keep it, endure torture to protect it, take a bullet for it,” his eyes came to mine, “poison his brother to possess a face like this.”   (Knight)

“Do me a favor?”
“In a second, I’m gonna pull over, get out my gun and give it to you. When I do, shoot me with it.”
“What?” she whispered.
“I’m facin’ another hour and a half of your music. I’d rather be dead.”
Silence then, “Shut up.”   (Lady Luck)

“I love you, Bud," he whispered to Billy and two more tears escaped.
"I love you too, Mitch," Billy whispered back, my breath hitched and both males' eyes came to me.
I waved my wineglass at them and murmured, "Don't mind me. Have your moment."
Mitch leaned back, letting Billy go and grinning at me. "Men don't have moments."
"You do," I returned. "I'm witnessing one."
"This isn't a moment, honey, it's a meeting of the minds," Mitch contradicted me.”   (Law Man)

You gonna jump on-line and tell your geek squad you landed me?” (Breathe)

“I’m Chaos?”
“Was my dick just in you?”
I fought an annoyed growl and said, “Uh... yeah.”
“Then you’re Chaos.” (Motorcycle Man)
...And that is just to share a FEW of my favorites.

4) And last, but Definitely NOT least ... SHE FRIGGIN ROCKS! You write her? She replies! You share the quote that made you fall in love with the character you are currently crushing on... she fangirls WITH you because you helped her remember WHY she loves that character. I hope one day to meet this lady and get her to sign EVERYTHING... including my first born. :)

In the comments below, tell me: WHO IS YOUR #AuthorCrush?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Quick Thoughts in the New Year

So, I've decided since reading 154 books last year that it is unrealistic that I am gonna review each and every one in massive detail, so I am going to try this.  Each week, I am going to review WHAT I've read during the previous week.  Now, an author who just wows me beyond words -looking at you Kristen Ashley - we might do a spotlight or such.... But, I'm committing this year to get back to the blog. ;)

Happy New Years Y'all
And more importantly HAPPY READING!!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

I Need A Hero

Sergeant Oliver Martinez joined the military to serve his country—not plan parties. But after a run-in with his commanding officer, Oliver is suddenly responsible for the Alpha Dogs Training Program’s upcoming charity event. Worse, he’s got to work with the bossiest, sexiest woman he's ever met—who just happens to be the general’s daughter.

When it comes to military men, Evelyn Reynolds is not interested. And with the opportunity to launch her new PR firm at the charity event, she doesn't have time for some sexy, arrogant jerk with a hero complex. Evelyn is determined to keep things professional—if only she can ignore how Oliver’s muscles fill out a t-shirt and the infuriating way he makes her heart pound.

But when tempers flare and a scorching kiss turns into so much more, Oliver and Evelyn will have to decide if this attraction is forever…or just for now.

***Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review***
***GET YOUR COPY at all retailers October 20th, 2015***
CLICK HERE for a ***SNEAK PEEK*** of the 1st Chapter

As a HUGE fan of Codi Gary's 2 other series, I can tell you I was nervous to dive into a THIRD series by her. Could she do it again? Could she win my heart with her words the way she did in Loco, Texas and Rock Canyon, Idaho? The answer?!? HELL YES! 

You find yourself at the Alpha Dog Training Center with Dean (Sparks) and Tyler (Best) when they are joined by the reluctant Sergeant Oliver Martinez. Oliver was removed from the field and placed on PR duty until General Reynolds deemed him "fit" to return to regular duty. Enter the beautiful, Evelyn Reynolds into the picture. (Note the last name!) Eve is the publicist hired to help with the event that Oliver has been assigned to during his punishment. 

The attraction was immediate. But, neither were going to act on it. He was her type, and she wasn't his. The General created some other issues, as well. He was stuck in this task, and it was far from what he wanted to do. He liked to be out and about in the field, while Eve craved stability and an uneventful home life. Falling for a military man - like her father - was OUT OF THE QUESTION. But, she couldn't get Oliver out of her mind. 

"There are no details to tell. I don't even know if I like him, it's more that I just-"

"Want to strip him naked and eat chocolate off his abs?" Megan offered.
Eve thought about that, grinning. "His butt too. He's got a great butt." 

So begins the slow build-up. Man, does Codi write a mean build-up. But the passion behind Oliver's eyes and his seduction skills - Eve is a goner! 

"I'll tell you one thing, Oliver Martinez. The next time you want to seduce me in Spanish, you better be prepared to follow through." (SIDENOTE: I want to be friends with Eve. She is so strong-willed and sassy! We could hang out in her messy apartment and just laugh! )

Meeting Sparks, Best, Megan and everyone else - you get a real feel for all the emotions behind having an overprotective General of a Dad, friends who would do anything for you, passions that drive you to go the distance to acheive your dreams and falling hard for a person who is a complete 180 from your plans BUT meeting the family who raised them and falling even harder, seeing him change and grow as a person right before your very eyes, sneaking BACK into your room so his Mom doesn't know you snuck OUT in the first place. 

This story is genuine. It grabs your heart, straps it in and takes it for a bumpy ride. It wouldn't be a romance novella if it didn't. This story leaves you craving to know more about the others you got a sample of and wishing you could get dirty in the sand with your very own Oliver, after having his mom's enchiladas first. *insert a squeal here* 

When it gets closer to the actual release day, I will post my full review with photos on our blog, and post the link here. 

I will leave you with my final thoughts: 
1) I love the relationships these characters hold with their animal co-stars. It truly is such an important topic, and the author sheds such a wonderful light to the importance of those companionships. 
2) The Spanish mumblings and rumblings is perfect. Adds just the right amount of spice to the strong macho type that is Oliver. 
3) I love how the heroine is not this cookie cutter perfect woman. She drives like a crazy person, she is messy and all around NORMAL! How refreshing. 
4) And last, but not least - it flowed so well that you felt like you were living the story. This is what Codi does so well: she can tell a story so effortlessly you forget you are not in the facility with the guys training the dogs or cleaning up the mess made after leaving an untrained dog with you couch! Enjoy what is sure to be Codi's third incredibly successful series.

The Hunter

As Right Worshipful Master of Lodge Drysor, Dominic Cacciari will do anything to ensure the integrity of the brotherhood of Freemasonry—even if it means seducing the woman determined to uncover their secrets.

Gemma Hughes is tired of reporting about the social happenings of Perth’s elite, she wants to be taken as a serious journalist. When her newly discovered father dies in mysterious circumstances, she’s on a mission to find the people responsible and make them pay for taking her father from her. Even if the people involved are from the fraternity her father once was a member of. 

Attraction flares to life the moment Dominic and Gemma touch. With both of them on a mission to protect the things they hold important, fighting that attraction is imperative. Only the more they’re thrown together, the more the lines between what they’re fighting for become blurred. Will secrets be uncovered and a love lost? Or will love be stronger than the secrets of a mysterious brotherhood?

***Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review***

Nicole Flockton is the Aussie Queen of Romance! The Hunter is the second book in her latest series, The Freemasons. In this installment you dive into the inner workings the Dominic Cacciari, the head honcho of the lodge. Dom and the rest of "The Fab Four" as they have been dubbed are working on their secretive mission to help save kids that have been snatched up. ENTER Gemma, known as the thorn in the side of the lodge. Gemma reports all the latest gossip in Perth while trying to get her foot in the door as a well respected journalist. Gemma and Dom are not kind to one another. (And that is putting it nicely!) 

Nicole can pen some tension. Dom holds the title of Right Worshipful Master, but Gemma sarcastically refers to him as Grand Poobah (GP for short!) And boy did it irk him. 
"I thought I told you not to call me that?"
"Call you what?" 
"You know what."

Both deny the attraction, although it is very obvious to everyone who sees the two bicker and fight. 

"Why so bitter? Surely you're not jealous are you, Tesoro?"
Gemma snorted in a very unladylike manner. "As if. And cut the Italian sweet talk, GP. It's not going to work on me."

I can't tell you ALL my favorite parts without giving away everything in the novel, but this book is JAM-PACKED with mystery, love, fighting, finding one's self, friendship, Australia and so much more! The one thing I really adore is that Nicole writes Australia for us who have never been there. I felt like I knew all the spots in Perth and I felt at home. Ms. Flockton, that is talent. I love (and respect!) your integrity when sticking to the language used. Catching up with Ava & Cole was an added bonus. I really felt for them in the last novel. I urge you romance readers out there to take a chance on Nicole Flockton's writing. 

Below you will find all the ways to find out the goods about Nicole.  My recommendations? Her BOUND series rocks! Also based in Australia - and you can check out my reviews here: CLICK HERE for: Bound by her Ring and CLICK HERE for: Bound by his Desire - I cannot wait to read the final installment! Leave your comments below if you have ever been to Australia! :) 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Watch Over Me (Danvers #7)

Gwen Day has never been lucky in love, but now she’s betting on one man ready to care for her like no one ever has…

Fresh off of the most humiliating romantic disaster of her life, Gwen sees no reason not to get tipsy and throw herself at her sexy bad boy neighbor. But she never expected their one night stand to have consequences that would keep them together...or for his concern to turn into something that feels like it could last.

Dominic Brady has always admired Gwen from afar, and now that she’s single, he has no reservations about saying yes to one wild night. Soon he’s interested in a real relationship. But when their future is uncertain, Dominic is determined to show her that he takes care of what’s his. And that no matter what happens, he’s one man she can’t lose.

***Received an ARC for an honest review***
I will be the first to admit, I was not a fan of Gwen in the last book. Did Gwen do anything? Nope! Just, in my heart of hearts, I knew she wasn't endgame for Mac - and that led me to see her as a hurdle and not the wonderful individual she is. After reading 'Watch Over Me' - Gwen is probably my favorite female character from the Danvers Gang. 

Dominic Brady, best friend to Mac, has longed for Gwen since the moment he laid eyes on her. Unsure as to how to approach the woman who made him feel differently than any other woman in his life, he missed his chance when Mac started dating her. Since Mac found his way to his true love, Dom has taken to watching her from a distance and waiting. Until...

One night, fate knocks on his door and takes his breath away. 

Hell, this entire book took  my breath away. I watched Dom be set up for failure by Gwen and the insane neighbor girls. Then Gwen was set up by Dom with his hilarious sister. Could they be any more perfect for each other? They doubted every action and motive that the true feelings and emotions were incredibly overlooked... but, EVERYONE else at Danvers saw it growing. To be the sole focus of  a man like Dominic was heady and intoxicating. Let me tell you, I can atest to that! This book had me feeling drunk on this couple. :) 

Sydney created a masterpiece with Danvers. Each addition is such a strong addition to the story. So many series nowadays feel forced when they get to the length that Sydney has achieved, but now Danvers. Each novel feels like a piece that was missing from the one before. In 'Watch Over Me' you catch Suzy grow to this woman who shows her fears, you get the humor from the guys like in this situation: 
"Go ahead and leave your man card on the desk because that is the most pussified statement I've ever heard from a dude before."
and I love to see the growth and progression of the girl's lunches and parenthood at it's finest with these couples. It's sexy, fresh, romantic and yet so real life. That is what Sydney creates, real life romance. Yes, there was some GRAND gestures, but for the most part - you get love the way real life experiences it, with the small and incredibly thoughtful gestures. 

I adored this story because the second Dom got his opening with Gwen - he took it 200%! There was no turning back. There were coffees, dinners, dates and so much more. I swooned everytime he brought her a morning cup of Joe. 

And then, you have Gage. Poor guy. I think Gage and I would be friends. He gives the WORST advice, and is a hot mess. That guy who will never settle down, and when he gets knocked on his ass - it will NOT be an easy road. (You may or may not get to see this happen!) He means well, but God does he cause so much trouble for Gwen and Dom. He is definitely the comedic relief you crave in a romance. 
I cannot really give you much more without finding myself retelling the entire story. Gwen and Dom's road to love is full of laughs, "bumps," meddling friends who mean well, awkward "first" dates, the knowledge that you should not name your kid Baxter and broken phones. One thing you will not find within the pages of this story is disappointment. Sydney takes the ups and downs in love, friendship and life and represents them all within each novel. Another FIVE STAR read from the talented Ms. Landon.
Excited to see in the end that Mark DeSantos is about to be the next victim of whats in the water at Danvers. Is this smooth talking, tall glass of water ready for what one Crystal Webber has in store? I am sure he isn't. Be on the lookout for 'The One for Me.'  Before I go, and leave you will all the ways to stalk Sydney via Social Media, let me ask those who have fell in LOVE with the gang at Danvers - Who are you hoping to have their own story? (Please leave it in the comments!!!) I for one, am DYING to know Gage's story. Even in the form of a novella. Hint...hint... Sydney! He is probably one of my favorite male characters. Many said Dom gave their favorite a run for their money. Dom is officially my favorite. He gave it as hard as he got it from Gwen, and that is a WINNER in my book. Until next time Danvers...

Now let's give her some love!  Now to give this lady some LOVE! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Need A Hero Cover Reveal!!!

Ignore that I look toasted!!! 
Before we get to the AWESOME SAUCE that is the COVER REVEAL for I Need a Hero, I need you to understand that this author rocks!!! And she loves her readers! Even when we stalk her at book conventions. Hehe! So... if you haven't already hopped on the Codi wagon - here is all her Social Media Dets...

Twitter: @codigary
Facebook: codigarysbooks
Pinterest: CodiGaryAuthor
Instagram: CodiGaryAuthor

I Need A Hero blurb...

Sergeant Oliver Martinez joined the military to serve his country—not plan parties. But after a run-in with his commanding officer, Oliver is suddenly responsible for the Alpha Dogs Training Program’s upcoming charity event. Worse, he’s got to work with the bossiest, sexiest woman he's ever met—who just happens to be the general’s daughter.

When it comes to military men, Evelyn Reynolds is not interested. And with the opportunity to launch her new PR firm at the charity event, she doesn't have time for some sexy, arrogant jerk with a hero complex. Evelyn is determined to keep things professional—if only she can ignore how Oliver’s muscles fill out a t-shirt and the infuriating way he makes her heart pound.

But when tempers flare and a scorching kiss turns into so much more, Oliver and Evelyn will have to decide if this attraction is forever…or just for now.

The Links to Pre-Order 
Amazon: http://ow.ly/QcCQC 
Barnes and Noble: http://ow.ly/QcDwy 
Google: http://ow.ly/QcDaR 
HarperCollins: http://ow.ly/QcDHV 

Now... the moment you have all been waiting for! 
I kid... I kid... here is the BEAUTIFUL cover to what I am sure it going to be another amazing series! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! What makes a GREAT cover for you?!? Share some of your favorites with us too! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Secret Kiss (Hope Falls, Book #10)

Adam Dorsey was used to living a life of deceit and falsehood both professionally and personally. The former CIA operative—with an extremely high IQ—was ready for a quieter, more authentic life. Enter Jane, a gorgeous and adorable hazel eyed beauty that complicated his plan. No matter what she made him feel, he knew that he had to stay away from her for fear of damaging more than just her innocence… 

Jane Marshall always believed in the power of positive thinking and all that could create. She felt accomplished in her career, and was blessed with great friends and family. And yet, she questioned whether or not there existed a man that would be able to unleash and explore her inexperienced heart…until she laid eyes on Adam. 

Will Adam be able to let go of his past and accept Jane for the genuine soul she truly is? Will Jane be able to navigate through never before had feelings? Are there some things that are even beyond the control of two highly intelligent people? Discover the truth in …Secret Kiss 

A few things: 
  • Any book with Vanilla Ice references is a book I can dig! Her motto came from the immortal words of Vanilla Ice: if there was a problem, yo, she'd solve it. 
  • Same goes for a funny Twilight reference! Why you ask? Maybe it allows me to really feel into the book. I worked at Borders during the CRAZINESS that was Twilight in real time. He'd never had vampire urges before, but apparently, Jane brought out the Twilight in him. 
  • Crazy family members are THE BEST! 
  • And then there is Jane. I love Jane. Jane is awkward in social situation, uncomfortable being the center of attention and clumsy. So, to say to simply - she is me in book form. Therefore, I love her. 
Back to the book. Secret Kiss stars Jane, who we all know and love from working for Mike Gowan, a former congressman who moved to Hope Falls after falling in love with Nikki. Jane caught the interest of one Adam Dorsey. Adam, cousin to Levi (who owns JT's Roadhouse and is newly married to Shelby! LOVED their road to HEA too!) Adam is not interested in taking that road again with any woman, let alone the one who seems to captivate every thought whether he  be working...working out or sleeping. When fate, and Lauren (Hope Falls resident celebrity realtor) places Adam in the only other house near Jane's cottage in the woods things become REAL. She was already concerned with her ability to share her office space with such a distracting specimen... but now she would have to see him in his sweat-drenched workout clothes that clung to  every contour of his carved from stone body. Jane put it best when she thought:

Things between these are comical. Everything from split pants, to robes caught in doors to looking for the contact on the floor that YOU DON'T need - this coupling is made for Rom-Com success. 
"Has anyone ever told you that you are adorable?"
The small wrinkle appeared, once again, above her nose as she shook her head, "Uhh...what? No."
"Well, you are," Adam said matter-of-factly. 

One misunderstood conversation with Jane's well-meaning, but meddling grandparents leave her explaining to Adam why they think he is her beau. Mind you, he meets them after being involved in an intense lip-lock with their bunny, Jane. To Jane's surprise, Adam just rolled with the flow taking every chance this opportunity gave him to touch Jane - which he has been thinking about since he first saw her at JT's. 

I friggin LOVE Jane's grandparents, Wally & Delores. They cement the awkwardness that is the epitome of Jane. 
"Oh, yeah. She's very big on text slang. Half the time I have to Google what she puts because I have no idea. The first time she wrote SMH, I thought it was a new medication that she was taking. My grandparents have always been much cooler than I am." She smiled and ducked her head.
This book was so well written, that it left me feeling like I had just experienced the turmoil of a divorce that was dragged out too long, of a crush that left me breathless with every thought of those dimples, and of friendships that left me giggling with how blessed I was to have girls who had my back like those in Hope Falls. 
"Oh yeah. That boy's a smitten kitten fo'sheezy breezy," Karina stated in her perfect slang, as if this were a fact. She was the only one of them would could pull that off. 
Finally, a few more things: 
  • The love is real. The authors love for the characters they pen. REAL. The love between friendships. REAL. The love that everyone has for this little town. REAL. The love that Adam felt when he first laid eyes on Jane. REAL. I think this is what I love most about the books written by Melanie Shawn. The emotions are real. Not adjective filled ideas of emotions, but straight-up Paula Abdul lyric filled emotions. (Maybe with a little Vanilla Ice on the hook!) 
  • The humor that fills these novels is a perfect amount, not too much that it overwhelms the storyline, but the perfect dose that makes it feel like a real relationship developing. Those innocent quirks that you sweetly pick at. Adam teasing Jane about her snoring is one that makes me think about the first time my now-hubby heard me snore! Of course, I denied it too.
    "Looks like you and your nana are sharing a canoe on your river trip down Denial." 
  • Friendship. I think this is the key element throughout the last 10 books. Yes, I will admit - the sex is HOT! The love is swoon-worthy, but the friendships take the cake. Adam with Declan. (Which, by the way is a damn swoon-worthy name!) The Fabulous Four, and those added along the way. These are the relationships that keep the author's loyal fan base coming back for more! (In my opinion) As Jane started clicking away, Nikki called out for the kitchen, "Side note: ummm, hello? How hawt was Tow Truck Driver Lance?!" "I heard that!" Mike shouted from his office." "Yeah, babe," Nikki yelled back playfully. "I wasn't trying to be subtle." 
  • I need Eli to have his own story. I feel like he is ready to get down to business, and he is like the man who tries to pick up the woman RIGHT BEFORE she finds the one. :) I think he deserves a woman who is a damn handful. Like the Fab Four wrapped up into one kind of handful. 
Lastly, I will leave you with this: Yes, my reviews are random. And OMG, there is SOOOO much more to this story that I didn't touch. That is the magic of Melanie Shawn. The books have so many layers, you feel like you just keep peeling. In a GREAT WAY! Another FIVE STAR READ from these lovely ladies!