Thursday, February 19, 2015

Character Interview with Laney Briggs

Today we are honored to announce that we have the gun toting sassy Southern deputy by the name of Laney Briggs who came all the way from Pistol Rock, Texas to chat with us. Welcome Laney! 

Our first question for you is an important one, what kind of Krispy Kreme donut is your favorite? 

Laney: The right-out-of-the-oven-melt-in-your-mouth ones. I do enjoy myself a sweet, delicious, warm, and oh so yummy threat.

All silliness and donuts aside, how are things in Pistol Rock treating you these days? I know you can't tell us too much since Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy comes out soon, but give us something! 

Laney: Well, I did wrangle myself a hot, good-timing Texas Ranger. And yeah, he’s been keeping me on my toes and off. Not to mention the other day I had a run-in with a hotheaded Federal Marshal. Now, that was an interesting day. Wrangling cowboys and solving crime is just all in a days work of being the only female deputy in Pistol Rock. I mean, someone’s gotta keep the good ‘ol boys in line.

Ok, so you can't tell us - but a fellow fan, Veronica wants to know "Where do you see yourself in FIVE years?" Your dreams, hopes and aspirations. We are trying to get you to sneak us spoilers, so quit looking at us that way!  

Laney: I’ve always wanted to visit the capital of Texas. Maybe one day I’ll be taking a much needed vacation with a cowboy. Other than that, I hope to squash my competition in the sheriff race. Really the skies the limit.

Speaking of deadly looks, there is one man who I believe you said has a "wink that was deadlier than a Krispy Kreme donut to a woman's waistline." How is Gunner behaving lately? (Us readers hope he is being naughty!) 

Laney: I’ve never been one to kiss and tell. Okay, y’all pulled my arm. Let’s just say Sunday mornings have been more than a little bit pleasurable. And Gunner set the record straight more than once that his “wink can pin my back against a wall”. And boy, do I love watching my Texas Ranger shuck his tight ass Wranglers.

Inquiring minds (Like Shey) want to know - Why the RED boots? 

Laney: Gunner gave me my first pair of red cowboy boots for my sixteenth birthday. Still today I can’t get myself to wear another color. He won me over with those boots.

Other than the two obvious choices of Luke and Gunner (swoon!) Who is your dream cowboy hunk? 

Laney: If I ever got a chance to have a run-in with Raylan Givens, well…Gunner might have to cough up the goods to not get me to shake that cowboy’s hand.

THE Raylan Givens that could give Gunner
a run for his money!!! 

Got any juicy gossip about Jodi? We won't tell her!!! 

Laney: She’ll deny it, but she’s probably encountered a few members of my family.  

And finally before we let you go, we like to play this game where we give you a word or phrase, and you tell us the FIRST thing that comes to your mind, you ready?
Wranglers  Gunner Wilson
Texas Ranger  hot, sweaty, and delicious
Love  comforting
Everythings Bigger In Texas the bulge beneath the faded zipper fly of a pair of Wranglers 
Brantley Gilbert - tattoos

Haha. Well, this was fun Laney! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! I hope to chat again after the release of 'Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy'

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