Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Miss Know-It-All Interview w/ Codi Gary!

Ten Questions with Miss Know It All featuring our very own, Codi Gary!

I’m here today having a phone interview with the infamous Miss Know It All, who has agreed to answer ten questions of my choosing. Now, she has disguised her voice, so we might not guess her identity, but I have a pretty good idea of who she is. Do you?
Welcome Miss Know It All!
*Loud clapping *
Miss Know It All’s Robotic Voice: Thank you, it’s good to be here.
So, you’ve been spreading gossip for over a year now and you’ve agreed to let us ask you ten questions, except “Who are you?” Is that right?
That’s right.
Question One: Are you a man or a woman?
Ah, ah…none of that.
What, I didn’t ask who you were. Just trying to narrow down the search.
I’ll let that be a warm up question, but I’m not giving you any particulars about my identity.
Fine, but your language to me says you’re female.
I could be pretending.
True. Alright, official Question One: where do you get your information?
I have a tip line, but I follow up things I hear around town.
Question Two: Do you ever feel bad about the things you write? Some of your blogs and columns have been brutal to some of the townspeople.
No, I only speak the truth. If they’re ashamed of the things they’re doing, then maybe they should think twice before doing them.
Question Three and Four: What about the couples you’ve mashed up? Do you really root for them to make it, or are you happier when they are miserable because it’s more fodder for you to spread about?
First off, I am not the bad guy. I just lay it all out there when I hear gossip being bandied about. I’m not one of the nasty old biddies who sit around whispering about you at the salon. I just say what everyone else is, only louder. So, no, I don’t want my favorite couples to break up. I am a romantic at heart and love a good happily ever after.
Question Five: You say you love a good happily ever after. Have you ever written about your own on the blog?
That’s a sneaky question, but I’ll let it slide. No, I haven’t met my soul mate yet, but someday I’ll find him.
His name wouldn’t be Eric Henderson, would it?
Ha, you’re fishing again, and I am counting that as number six! But no, it is definitely not Eric Henderson.
Fine, Question Seven: You know eventually you’ll be found out. Any worry over how people will react when they learn your identity?
I figure, by the time I retire, people will be so sick of me they will have given up trying to guess.
I think you don’t give the mystery surrounding you enough credit, but we will see. Question Eight: Have you ever almost been caught?
A few times people might have wondered what I was doing eavesdropping, but no, no one has accused me. Lots of other people may be suspects, but not me.
You mean, like Gracie McAllister and Mrs. Andrews. People commonly assume that one of them is you.
Well, it makes sense. Biggest gossips in Rock Canyon. They enjoy telling it like it is.
But are you saying you aren’t one of them?
I’m saying that Officer Sam Weather likes to gossip and Kirsten Stewart is at Buck’s Shot Bar nearly every night. I could be anyone. Even the person you least suspect.
Last Question: Who do you think your next victim will be?
If I had to guess, I’d say Mike Steven is about due. Have you seen his new custom bike? It’s a call for trouble if I’ve ever seen something and as Miranda and Carrie say, “I’ve got a real good feeling something bads about to happen.”
Well, thanks for joining us Miss Know It All! Keep doing what you’re doing.
I always do.

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