Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweet Surpise

Playing naughty or nice...

Fiona Wilder knows all about falling in lust. Love? That's another story. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, the single mom and cupcake shop owner is focused on walking the straight and narrow. But trouble has a way of finding her. And this time it comes in the form of a smoking hot firefighter who knows all the delicious ways to ignite her bad-girl fuse.

Can lead to heartbreak...

Firefighter Mike Halsey learned long ago that playing with fire just gets you burned. He's put his demons behind him, and if there's one line he won't cross, it's getting involved with his best friend's ex. But when fate throws him in the path of the beautiful, strong, and off-limits Fiona, will he be able to fight their attraction? Or will he willingly go down in flames?

Or a sweet surprise!

***I received a copy of this title for an honest review***
Candis brings you back on a wild ride through Sweet, Texas with Sweet Surprise. So far, you have been able to watch them Wilder boys wreck havoc on the hearts they set their sights on. This time, the ex-wife of one of them Wilder boys is in for the ride of her life when Mike Halsey set his sights on her. Some things don't change, like how love is brought into her life - but this time her has her guards up. 
Some things in Sweet, Texas don't change. Jackson may have found love, but the fun loving firefighter is still there - evident in those firehouse conversations. 
"I leave the breathing-hard part for better more satisfying things." Jackson gave him a familiar smirk. 
Even though Fiona isn't of blood relation to Jana, she is family and that is enough for the infamous Jana Wilder to set her meddling ways on the unsuspecting Fiona and Mike. And while I will not reveal all the tricks that Momma Wilder has up her sleeves - they are FUN FUN FUN! And the men aren't the only ones have conversations that muster a giggle or two. Fiona and the girls of Sweet are just as nuts! 
Sabrina shook her head, and her chestnut ponytail swung across her back. "I've appointed myself your get-laid fairy godmother."
Candis dives into each story with such raw emotions that you can't help but become emotionally involved in these encounters. The rough patches break my heart. As a mother myself, the scenes in which he handles Izzy melts my heart like nothing else can. And when they get over their issues and give into all things Sweet, I am filled with relief and utter peace. My favorite part of the journey? Their playful banter. 
He dove back into the sandwich, then he stuck the plastic fork into the potato salad and took a bite. "What are you doing next weekend?"
He grinned. "I might have to marry you if you can cook this good."
"Again with the sweet talk," she joked. 
"Well...I'm always happy to leave the door open for possibilities."
"No worries." He winked. "If it's closed, I'm a fireman. I've got great door-busting skills."
Now, this wouldn't be a romance without a HEA - so I won't make you ponder the will they/won't they... they will and it's HOT! Like call Jackson and his team - the place is SMOKIN'! 
Fiona fell heart over head in love. 
I can't wait to see how Candis ties it all up. I just love watching the Wilder family grow with all the love that Cupid aka Momma Wilder is conspiring on giving a nudge. 
Another FIVE Texas Sized Stars to Candis and Sweet Surprise! 

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