Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our Year In Review! Best of 2014

White Collared Series: This is an immensely intriguing 4 part series that dives into a story of  murder and the BDSM community. One description I never thought to give an erotic read is "Informationally Sexy" - but that is exactly what Shelly Bell accomplished with this serial. Finding yourself emotionally attached to all the characters and praying the outcome of this trial doesn't break your heart is something to expect all while Jaxon makes you sweat! To check out my review of the complete series: Click Here!
This "Erotically Informative" serial will not let you down.

Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese: An incredible series in a sea of NA serials. These two have a voice within their storytelling talents that can not be outdone. The world they created with the passion between the explosive leading couple is unparalleled. You cannot meet Ree & Dare's Wilde Bunch without desiring to be a part of the family. During the time of impatiently waiting for these ARC's to hit our Kindles we grew to know (and LOVE!) these two. Kristyn and I have said it over and over - this series needs to hit Oprah's desk - it is meant to be HUGE, and we are sure it will. Below are the links to our 5 Dual Reviews. 

Jodi Linton: In my romance loving journey, I met Jodi Linton at a party where she was hosting an hour.
Her snark and fun, laid back personality matches the wit you find in her debut novel, Pretty Reckless. Laney isn't your typical cowboy loving heroine. She is a beer drinking, gun toting, red book wearing Deputy in Pistol Rock. This is NOT your Momma's Cowboy Book. There is mystery, suspense a lots of Wrangler wearing intrigue. The heat is not lacking just because your heroine isn't your typical romantic interest. Laney and Gunner have quickly become the fictional couple to watch in 2015. Below are the reviews I gave her books in 2014.
Pretty Reckless (Laney Briggs #1)
Whatcha Gonna Do WIth A Cowboy (Laney Briggs #1.5)

Codi Gary: To say I am smitten, is downplaying it. Some girls talk about the "author crush" - doesn't cover it. Codi is my favorite Contemporary Romance author. Her two towns of Rock Canyon, Idaho and Loco, Texas are easily my two favorite places. Below is a link to the first GUEST BLOG I did. It was over at, and I choose this new to me author to spotlight. Check out the review ---- HERE. Since then, I have had the honor of meeting her at RT Booklovers in New Orleans, LA. I have eagerly devoured everything she has put out. Still new to the scene (debut in 2013) Codi is quickly making a name for herself as an author that does not disappoint. Below are my other reviews for Codi during 2014.

Robyn Peterman: This author is my go to person for a laugh a page. Robyn was also my debut entry on this blog, and it only seems fitting to round out my year with her. Robyn was another one that Kristyn and I were blessed to meet and dine with in New Orleans this past year. Robyn offers her fans an escape from reality. Ever wonder what Mark Twain, Mother Teresa, Mother Nature and other worldly entities would do during a poker game in Hell hosted by the Devil himself? Wonder no longer - Robyn takes you there. Ever wondered what would occur in a Bigfoot chasing group? In a Porno Grannies Writing group? How about when your sisters are the Seven Deadly Sins? Robyn can satisfy all your insane literary needs. Check out my other Robyn-related posts this past year!

Burn for Me
Burn for Me Blog
I LOVE Ilona Andrews and this book was one of my favorites for 2014! I loved Mad Rogan! I don't have many book boyfriends because I am snobby and picky about my fictional men but he is in my top 5! I love the worlds that they can create and they take me places that I in a million years would never even begin to dream up. I am waiting very impatiently for the next one.

I discovered Lexi Ryan in 2014 and and man do I wish I would have found her sooner. I could devour  her books in a couple of days and I did. strangely though, I never wrote a blog on any of her books. I need to.  Her newest one seriously about killed me. I love the characters.  They are so real and the storyline and problems these people go through really make me anxiously turn the page waiting to see what in the world could happen next.

I have a favorite series ever in the entire world full of series and then I have a favorite young adult series ever that comes second in my favorite series ever. The favorite ever is the fever series which had nothing come out in 2014 so won't be a part of this list but the YA is Sarah J Maas. Heir of fire was way beyond amazing. Her books make me laugh, seriously cry, sit on the edge of my seat and rapidly read to see what comes next. Heir of Fire was no exception. This book had so much character development it was amazing. It introduced several new characters that had you wrapped up in each individual perspective.  Even the bad guys had you rapidly turning pages and feeling sympathy. The next book will no doubt be on my list of can't wait to read in 2015.  If you want to read my blog, you can do that Here. Not only that but I also had an amazing conversation with Maas at RT about my number one favorite series and she loves it too.  Then I proceeded to tell her that she couldn't have Jericho Barrons and she looked at me like I was kinda crazy but its ok.

I didn't know this until I was going through my books that I read this past year but Catherine and I discovered Jamie McGuire in 2014! We first read about Travis Maddox in 2014! How in the world could I not include Travis Maddox!! Words can't explain our love for him.  Oh and Jamie Mcguire. She is pretty awesome as well. We met her at RT and she gave us free property of Travis t shirts! I could read this lady's grocery lists. Since discovering her, I have read almost everything she has written. Cant wait to see what she has in store for 2015!

This last choice is so hard for me cause I have so many more I want to put but I have to go with Colleen Hoover. I read Ugly Love first and seriously ugly cried. Then I read Maybe Someday and have never in my life had such conflicting emotions that I couldn't even put it in words and my blog is still half written because I couldn't decide if I absolutely loved the book or seriously disliked it. Then I moved on to Slammed and then to Hopeless. They are all so good.

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