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Untamed (Dual Review)

Untamed by:
Victoria Green
Jinsey Reese

This is a story of Reagan "Ree" McKinley journey in finding herself while she finds the one thing she didn't think was possible: Love. The intensity of this story keeps you turning the pages. This privileged girl wants nothing more than to pursue her dreams, but that doesn't fit in the high society picture her family has her painted into.

She meets Daren "Dare" Wilde on a whim before she heads back to school and is intrigued at the challenge he presents. Both have pasts that they want to stay put. Although, he doesn't fit in the campaign picture of a "perfect family." Threats to bring up his past causes Reagan to make the most difficult mistake of her life.

Why doesn't she just choose Archer? Why doesn't she finish law school? Marry rich? Head a few charitable causes? Live the life her pill popping mother did? It isn't what makes her whole. It isn't what makes her truly smile. Can she DARE to truly smile?

Thoughts on Archer Huntington Chase III?
Catherine: In the beginning, I felt bad for the feelings he harbored for Reagan. It must be difficult to love someone who cannot reciprocate the feelings. Archer never did anything throughout the story to make me dislike him, I just don't have a soft spot for him. He feeds her habit, and doesn't seem to truly care about her enough to learn about the "REAL REE"
Kristyn: I really didn't think anything either way. Actually my first thought after reading about him was, I hope we have a book about him. I do like him for the simple fact that he seems to be the only person who really understands Reagan and the kind of life she has.

Thoughts on Dare?
Catherine: Dare is intense. His past gives depth to his character. The way he looks after his siblings and Mom is admirable. He works hard to provide while not fully giving up on his dreams of painting. Wilde is an insanely talented artist who lacks the confidence to step out publicly. He warns Reagan multiple times to not get involved with him. Obviously, his warnings fell on deaf ears. My favorite quality about him is his patience in allowing her to find her way to love him. He is he ultimate 'Bad Boy with a Good Heart.'
Kristyn: I love Dare. I love how he takes care if his family. How he brings them groceries. I love the relationship between him and his siblings. You can tell they care about him. I like how he plays the part of the hero to her damsel in distress. 
Thoughts on Reagan?
Catherine: Reagan? Not so much. I sense that she is void of all human emotion. Her fault? At first, no. Since it was her mother who started feeding her pills at such a young age. I feel for her, It doesn't mean I have to like her. Once you realize she has a rebellious side in regards to her family, I begin to champion for her. Champion for "Ree." I pray for her to flush the evil out of her system. When sparks of love and emotion start to show its head when she befriends Dare is amazing heart-breaking. Interactions with her father kills me. As a mother, his lack of love for his children breaks my heart. 
Kristyn: I feel so bad for her. I hate her life except when she is with Dare. I hate her cowardice and how she never can stand up to anyone. The ending broke my heart and I cried. 
Thoughts on Part 2?
Catherine: The blurb makes me nervous. 3 years have passed? That makes me excited at the same time. I guess I have excited nerves. So much growth and character development can happen to two people in 3 years, I am eager to see how the story unfolds. 
Kristyn: Three years? That makes me sad! I can't imagine how Reagan can be after three years. And Dare? Someone should have snatched him up! I need this book now! 

Favorite Quotes 
Catherine: "His bed, like mine, was never empty. Our hearts and loves, on the other hand... well, we tried not to think about that."

"I didn't trust love. It had never done anything for me but give false hope, mask manipulation, and break me. I had no delusions about love anymore..." 

"Plus, I'll have no time for anyone else but New York City. She and I need to rekindle our affair. It's going to be dirty, rough, and absolutely amazing."

"I'm not going to give you a third warning," he said, his eyes darkening perilously. My pulse hammered in my ears as I pressed my hips against him. "Then don't." 

"His lips were untamed, unabashed, and unapologetic."

"And definitely not stubborn enough." He kissed my lips. "When I told her I wasn't into her, she actually  listened and went home." 

"PPS: Might I suggest you adopting my style? (I dare you to.) - D"

"They're like the two parts that come together to make a while story," I said. "Two parts. One Whole."

"I don't want you perfect."

Kristyn: of course she went first so she stole all mine! Haha I do have a couple extra:

“How can a person have so much noise inside their head and at the same time feel like they’re drowning in silence?”

“Sometimes the one thing we crave most in the world is something we can never have.”

“When I told her I wasn’t into her, she actually listened and went home.”
“Really?” I was caring about this way too much for my own good. “Who does that?”
“Normal people,” he murmured..."

“Yes, that was what love felt like. I was sure of it. Like the other person was your second half. Like you were two parts of one whole.”

Other Thoughts?
Catherine: When I first started the book, the drugs threw me for a loop. I am not a big fan of drug-induced stupors or drunken stupors for that matter. Luckily, this wasn't the MAIN focus of the story. As I dived deeper into the story, I saw the importance of getting so deep into that party of the story line. Overall, I give this book a STRONG FOUR 1/2 STARS. I am dying to get my hands on the next installment. 

Kristyn: I loved this book. I loved that it was sweet and sexy. I'm picky with these type of books. I find that there needs to have that perfect balance of story line and sex. This book had that perfectly. I loved that under the erotica and sex there was a storyline and a plot. There was other characters that we loved and/or hated. I'm glad we got to know about more than just their sex lives. I'm a romantic and I find myself wanting the happy ending. I can't wait to read more. I give this book 5 stars!

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