Friday, April 18, 2014

Long Live The King!

The King. Pretty self explanatory. I was super excited to start this book. We get to go back! Wrath hasn't had his own book since the very first one. We see bits and pieces, of course, of him and Beth but a whole book? Yay! 

My poor beautiful blind King. He has had some hard times. He never did want to be king. That's what his father was good at. Him? He was always good at being a brother and kicking ass. But now that there is dissent and his place as King is being threatened? He has the chance to give it all up, not by choice but he does get that chance.

This book started off sad. Besides the flashbacks, which I loved. But the fate of that happy couple even has a sad ending. You hear so much about Wraths' parents but actually getting to see it written was awesome.

 Poor Beth, who is terrified of losing Wrath and only wants a baby. To Iam and Trez the brothers whom I adore. Even Xcor in love with someone he can't have. 

Iam and Trez. I love these brothers. So much going on with them. Trez is skirting his duties to their queen while falling in love with another.  Iam trying to be the responsible brother and fix the mess that they are in. 

Assail. Finding himself attached to the human woman, Sola, he will do anything to protect her. She has no idea what or who he is but the pull is there. So curious to know where that is going to go. 

Saxton. poor Saxton. Even he is sad. A father who hates him for being gay and a life where he has to watch the one he loves be with someone else.

John Matthew. Not very sad on that end. He has his mate. He is starting to have weird seizures again. That part of his little story is about to drive me nuts! When will we find out what in the world is going on?! I have ideas but not really knowing is gonna be the death of me!

I love Wrath. I love the way he talks to people like they are equals. He has no idea the effect he has on them. I love Doc Jane. I love how she gets up in his face over and over and has not one fear. I love getting little glimpses of everyone's lives. I love seeing Zsadist with his young. I love seeing that even though things do seem sad, there is happiness and so much love and loyalty. 

There wasn't much talk on the enemy side of things. Have no idea what is going on there. Not much fighting either.

I think the one problem with J.R. Ward's books is talk about the Queen of cliff hangers. Each little section ends with a cliffhanger. It's smart cause it keeps you reading but it's so frustrating! 

And of course you can't have all that sadness without having some joy. I fell in love with Wrath all over again. Just like I did with each brother in each book. The book did such a great turn around. I love that I get so wrapped up in their fates. I felt their sadness and then their love and then their joy. I laughed and even cried a little. The ending was amazing and the thought of waiting for the next was is agonizing. Because of course, not everyone got their happy ending and not everyone's individual story was finished.

As a whole, this book was great! Definitely five stars. And the Miley Cyrus references didn't hurt!

And because I am a quote whore here are some teaser quotes!

“He’d never thought about it before, but “insanity” was largely a hypothetical concept to the sane; a derogative slur to slam someone you didn’t respect; a descriptor applied to inappropriate behavior.”

“In the words of Dr. Phil, How’s that working for ya?
Great, Phil. Just awesome.”

“Pigs flying.
Hell freezing over
Miley planting her twerking ass in a chair and keeping it there as a public service.”

“The Rolling Stones were right. Sometimes, you didn’t get what you wanted. But if you had all you needed?
Life was good.”

“After everything that had gone down lately, she really didn’t want to know what happened to people who broke an agreement with the big guy.
And no, she wasn’t talking about Santa Claus.”

“Knock her dead, my man.”
“Oh, no.” Xcor shook his head. “That shan’t be necessary. This one I like.”

“Naturally, there wasn’t a dry eye in the training center.
But that was what happened when an ordinary mortal … did something worthy of a superhero.”

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