Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pee Your Pants Funny!

Good Morning. :) Catherine here! While I sit down for a healthy breakfast of Fritos and an orange soda, I thought it would be a perfect time to pen my 1st entry to this soon to be famous blog. (Hopeful thinking works!)

Instead of reviewing one particular book today, I would like to spotlight a new author for me. Do you  need to use the restroom first? I learned pretty quickly not to read this gal on a full bladder.

Robyn Peterman is the mind behind titles such as: How Hard Can It Be?, Pirate Dave & His Randy Adventures, Size Matters and the highly anticipated Cop a Feel. These are from here Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters series. Robyn also pens a paranormal series as well entitled the Hot Damned series. The first one is Fashionably Dead; and the 2nd in the series is Fashionably Dead Down Under.
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I first read 'How Hard Can It Be?' after a dystopian kick that lasted about 2 books too long. I needed happiness that did not depend on the the world as we know it ending or having to fight for the spot as a victor. One sleepless book filled night and a new Robyn fan was born. I laughed until I cried and I highlighted more quotes on my Kindle then I have ever before. (You will learn if you jump on the bandwagon that is our blog, that Kristyn and I are quote junkies!)

'How Hard Can It Be?'
Rena is a number cruncher and in desperate need of a change in her life. Her attempt at becoming the new Sunshine Weather Girl ended in a restraining order and some perverted barista pals. Her next venture was to become the next big author. She joins a group of what turns out to be porno writing grannies and finds the only talent she has is for making up the most horrendous stories. Fortunately for the grannies in her group this might just be the key to unlock them from the reins of an evil Viper. Insert Jack, who ultimately has to arrest Rena for breaking the restraining order and you have a HEA (Happily Ever After) that is worthy of telling the grandkids about. I personally thought I wrote the book on nicknames to give a man's equipment, but Rena (and Robyn) took the pecker shaped cake on that one. From pork swords to skin flutes, my husband probably thought I was losing my mind by the sheer volume and amount of laughter that accompanies the reading of this book. One of my favorite qualities in an author is the ability to write supporting characters in such a way that you fall in love with them as well as those you were intended to root for. Kristy is Rena's BFF and roommate and I was jumping for joy when I found out the second in the Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters was Kristy's story.

'Size Matters'
Meet Kristy. Kristy runs a woman's shelter and lost a bet regarding the stardom of David Hasselhoff in Germany. This causes Kristy to accompany Aunt Moon Unit (no relation to Frank Zappa) to her Bigfoot Believers meetings for 2 whole months. Kristy has a lot going on in her life right now to notice that Ethan (or Nathen?) is married! She does what we all do, swear off men. Insert Mitch. The hottest of hotties in a police uniform. Insert yet another bet that now involves a life-size cutout of Bret Favre. (Will this girl EVER learn?) Add another lovable cast of supporting misfits that include a jukebox named Hugh and his Bigfoot loving wife, Kim; a no-nonsense gal named Mariah Carey and her little sister, Boo, lesbian sewing sisters, a shady TV station TIT and a 2 week televised hunt for Sasquatch with the unattractive, yet lovable Rich leads to more laughs than I could handle.

Rena and Jack are added to the supporting cast line up in Kristy's book and I couldn't be happier. I will give you a little hint of to what else you can expect in this book: Pubic hair like wigs, an unknown relative, stolen jazz shoes, a restaurant call Chinese Farts, 7 broken fingers and a wrist, 7.5 kids, and a child that may or may not be named David.

In conclusion, I will be a faithful pimp of Robyn as long as she keeps things Hairy. :) After you have read one chapter (or even a few FB posts) I am sure that you will also be a faithful follower. If hairy doesn't do it for you, try her Hot Damned series on for size. Ethan is about the hottest thing ever to hit Hell. Wowza! And it is with my professional opinion that you give her a shot! I'd bet willing to bet my own Bret Favre that it is bigger than Hasselhoff in Japan! ;)

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