Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'd apply for the Selection! Just don't call me 'Dear'

Catherine Here!
I took a day to compose myself after reading 'The Selection' (click title to get this book on Amazon!) by Kiera Cass. I was almost late for work this morning due to the intense need to finish this book before I fell asleep. This lead to me oversleeping.

Well worth it!

Caste systems are terrible. Especially for America Singer (a Five) who secretly adores Aspen. (a Six) They can be cordial, but the intense love they have for each other is forbidden. As a woman, you do not strive to marry below you.

Meet Price Maxon. Beautiful to everyone except dear America. Or so she thinks. The Selection shows a heroine even more lovable and noble than Katniss who enters the Selection for her family and at the request of Aspen. And then her world is knock upside down.

Prince Maxon is busy trying to learn how to lead a country and before he knows it - he is of marrying age. Enter 35 eligible woman of Illea. All these potential wives are all from different castes. Let the fun and eliminations begin.

I will not give any more details, as I think you should read the book. Kiera has built this world that is sad and beautiful all in the same breath. She has built relationships that are heart wrenching to watch strain, and yet the love shown between siblings, parents and potential spouses is endearing. In an era of Young Adult novels with such violence  and pain, this novel is refreshing. While you do have attacks on the palace, the rebels are not the focus. I caught myself playing cards and gossiping with the maids and other girls. I am eager to read the Elite, and cannot wait for the One to be released next month.

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