Sunday, April 6, 2014

Things Good Girls Don't Do

Catherine Here! 
This is a first for me from this author, and I must say - I was impressed and eager for the rest of the books to follow in the Rock Canyon Romance series. 

I really enjoyed the small town antics involved in this story of an unlikely pair finding love. Katie wanted the typical things any girl wanted: husband, kids and a nice quiet life. When he boyfriend of 7 years leaves her, she is frustrated and makes a list of things she has never (but wanted) to do. Leave it to Katie to have the town's new resident bad boy, Chase Trespasso, offer to help her with this list.
1.Get purple streaks in my hair.
6. Go to a sex shop.
10. Have a one-night stand. 
(You didn't think I was actually gonna give you the WHOLE list did you? Read the book!!!)
Katie is the girl who always listens to her late mother's do's and don'ts about life. You do the pageants, you don't say what is on your mind if it is going to upset others, and so on. Chase is intrigued by the sweet natured Katie, but also eager for her to break out of her shell a bit. 
Codi does an amazing job conveying the large range of emotions this relationship goes through. I fell in love, had my heart broken and a plethora of other emotions from disappointment to a sense of pride conveyed in this novel. The wonderful supporting characters really made this book feel alive. I look forward to more stories from Rock Canyon and Codi!
Favorite part: When 'Firecracker' took a baseball bat to her ex's car! EPIC! And the country music references. LOVE THEM! "Who in the name of Brad Paisley is that?"

Show our girl, Codi some love! Also, Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars is out April 22, 2014. It features a member of the supporting cast of this book!!! *insert fangirl squeal* My one question for you today is: What would be on your list if Chase grabbed it from you? 

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