Saturday, April 12, 2014

The kiss obliterated her...

Catherine Here! Recently, Kristyn recommended that I pick up Throne of Glass. I devoured that novel and quickly picked up the follow-up, Crown of Midnight. Equally consuming. An easy 5 out of 5 stars! 

 In the first installment you meet Prince Dorian, the potential King's Champion Celaena Sardothien, Captain of the Guard: Chaol and a whole cast of colorful characters on both sides of the moral map. 

In this follow-up, Celaena is working as the King's Champion or so that is the appearance she is keeping. She is the object of much affection, and yet that affection is not the main focus of the story. Celaena and her good friend, Princess Nehemia are one of many relationships that feel the strain of secrets kept in this novel. 

Sarah Maas opens up a whole new world of history and potential for a new and greater future for this band of misfits. Sarah breaks genre stereotypes with this novel. I cannot find a genre it solely associates with. I think it does and will appeal to readers of all genres a like. She also leaves the area of love interests open wider than most. It is obvious the triangle in this book, but I found myself on both sides of the fence depending on the chapter. Ms. Maas creates detailed and personal relationships between her characters on all levels and it leaves you concerned for their well-being. 

The story intertwines mystery with paranormal and magic while touching on romance in a very coming of age manner. A new favorite for me and I will be truly honored to meet the incredibly talented, Ms. Maas at RT this May. 

Heir of Fire is the 3rd installment in the series and is due out September 2nd, 2014. 

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