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Escaped Artist #3

Escaped Artist picks up shortly after Out of Control ended. Dare decides to pick up and leave after the Archer/Ree situation and spend sometime with his siblings while his brother's band, No Man's Land, is performing in Amsterdam.

With each chapter the POV changes between Dare & Ree. It is always a refreshing change to get to see the inner workings of both characters in a story. The alternating views really give you a wider picture of the whole story.

In this installment you are introduced to a ton of supporting characters from all the members of the band, Sia (from Dare's past) and you get to know familiar faces like Dalia and Dax so much more.

We must tell you, we think that Victoria & Jinsey own stock in a heart attack/panic attack medicine, because these CLIFF HANGERS are killing us!!!

Favorite Supporting Character in Escaped Artist?

Catherine: DASH. Hands down. The man has so many layers. The point when he became my favorite is when he walked Ree out after the "morning after" and give her simple, yet hopeful words of encouragement. He cares for the people around him, even if he doesn't shower them with hugs and 'I love yous!' Plus, he is quote and swoon worthy! 

Kristyn:  Synner. I don't know why but I loved him from the second he helped her pick up her bag. he is such a guy. He loves the women but is still such a good guy. He saw a girl down and out, helped her and took her home without taking advantage. I cant wait to hear his story.

Dare to elaborate?

Catherine: I adore Dare. This has been my stance from my first meeting him in Untamed. I fell even more in Out of Control. But, something about him in this book just knocked it out of the park. His willingness to open up about her, his insistence on getting help, his interactions with his siblings. He seems so different from when we met him those years ago. He wants more, and continues to show his dedication and love for his family with each action he takes. (Ree included!) I am eager to see how his story progresses with the remaining 3 books in his portion of the Wilde ride. To be completely honest, there are TWO confrontations I am dying to have play out. Dare vs The Mayor and Dare vs Archer. The one I never want to see is Dare vs Jackson, because I truly believe that will land him in jail. 

Kristyn: I loved him in this book. Before not so much. he kept walking away and it made me so mad. Anything worth having is worth fighting for and he never would. He walked. this time was different. I wanted to stand up and cheer. She didn't have to chase after him this time!  Like Catherine, I want to see those showdowns. When he said he would kill Jackson, I actually got scared for him. 

Whose story are you looking forward to reading after this one is done?

Kristyn: I want to read about Blue. I really like her. I can see the love she has for Synner and I want them to be together. If not, I want her to hook up with some awesome guy who will take her mind off of him. I honestly just cant wait to hear more about the band period.

Catherine: I am most eager to read about Dalia. I loved the 'situation' at the end and how she stood up to her brothers! I think being in her thoughts would be a BLAST! 

Favorite Quotes:

Dash laughed and ran a hand through his messy, dark hair. "You know the saying: When in Amsterdam..."
"...DO all the Romans?"
"Exactly," he said with another deep laugh.

"There was something sickening about having your greatest hope and worst fear confirmed at the same time. In the same person."

"Because I f***ing love you, you ass!"

"This wasn't an escape. It was real life. Dirty, gritty, magnificent."

"She can't understand you. She doesn't speak English."
He took a drag of his cigarette and licked his bottom lip. 
"But she screams just fine in Dutch."

"Other parts of me were just as affected by the lust in his eyes and the filth of his words."

"Love ruined you. It made you weak. It made you need someone so much you couldn't function without them. I'd vowed I would never put myself in that position, that I wouldn't utter those words unless they were true....and that just wasn't going to happen."

"Marry me, love," he said, gazing down at her in awe.
Dalia laughed, the sound wild and free, and shook her head. " Not a chance in hell."

"Damn, you look like hell."
No shit. I felt like hell.
"And you..." I opened my eyes and raised one agonizing eyebrow."...look like a Smurf."

Overall thoughts, feelings, tears shed or breathes head?

Catherine: With each installment, the story gets better!!! I layers that are shed are amazingly eye-opening glimpses into the characters pasts. Something as simple as red head can trigger a reaction to the likes of Ree and her fear of dark places. With something as minor as an opened door allows you to see that Dalia is all grown up and yet those boys will be boys. Someone has a bloody nose to prove it! A soft spoken named revealed, can open the eyes of someone who knows little of the woman who he loves past. Always seems magical when an author (or authors in this case) paint a story that sucks you in so deep you become invested in these 'FRIENDS' you've made. You think of them when you pass a tattoo parlor or see vendors on the streets in New Orleans selling their art. There are tons of authors that can write a good story, but few can make you feel a part of the story, but these two do that with each page you turn. It truly is WORD MAGIC!!! 

Kristyn:  This was my favorite so far. I love these books so much. I think this has got to be my favorite of this genre. I need them in book form all together to keep forever on my bookcase. Its so real to me. I can imagine me sitting in the room while the band is joking and having fun. I want to be there. to be a part of it. I cant wait to read more and more. That ending!!!  Each installment, I say that the ending can't get any worse, but then it does!! Seriously... it cant get any worse. Right?

A huge 5 stars from both of us!

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