Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anything but Sweet

While in New Orleans, we met and found a TON of authors we wanted to try. Candis Terry was one of those for me! Something about small town Contemporary Romance hits the spot for me. Candis is a fellow California girl who found herself living the farm life. And this book is the perfect combination of that.

Charlotte Brooks, daughter of a military big wig and TV host of a popular makeover show, walks into Sweet, Texas to tackle the small town's makeover with her crew in tow. Everyone is keen to the idea except the one man who catches her eye instantly. "Reno Wilder was a genuine freaking cowboy. Good. God."

Reno Wilder loves this town and everything in it JUST THE WAY IT IS. Determined to run Charli and her Big City self right out of town - they immediately butt heads.

Candis paints a beautiful picture of this quaint little town perfectly from the dilapidated, yet loved, town square down to Sweet's oldest living playboy, Chester Banks. While reading you find yourself wanting to grab a beer at Seven Devils Saloon - but not an umbrella drink, unless you want Reno to snatch it out of your hands. You will want to stop at Goody Gum Drops to pick up something sweet after eating some BBQ at Sweet Pickens. And then you have the characters! Oh Candis does a number on y'all with this bunch of bless your heartin' cast of small town characters! I couldn't pick a favorite it I was asked!

Meet Momma Wilder, aka Jana. A widow and a mother to a house full boys - I am sure life was NEVER dull in her household.  "And let there be no doubt the woman would spew them like Shakespeare - Texas style. " She seems to be the glue that holds the town together, while throwing a yearly party that the entire town is invited to, bringing drinks to those who are working long hours in the 100+ degree Texas sun and giving priceless advice to the new gal in town about men:
"Yeah, but he's a slow walker."
"Maybe you just need to get him to trade in those boots for a pair of running shoes," Jana said.
"If you weren't his mother, I'd say maybe I just need to hide his clothes until he came to his senses."
"Well I am his mother, and I say that's a damned fine idea."

Then you have Reno's brothers and Dad. I would have loved to meet Jared and Joe, but I finished the book feeling like I knew them with all the memories that were shared with us very grateful readers. Jesse and Jackson,  I need to see their stories!!! Hell, I want to read everyone's story from Sweet. And while I have already committed myself to living in Rock Canyon, Idaho and Loco, Texas - Sweet will definitely be a vacation destination! "You busted your ass your entire life to prove you were one of us. But, Reno, you're the best of us." The Wilder family is such a strong family unit, and as a reader I desired to be a part of this family, as I am sure you will too once you visit Sweet, Texas.

This is a Romance book, so you know you are getting your HEA, but the road to this one was a bumpy one indeed. I am talking about sabotage, snatching drinks, days of avoidance, rude comments and so much more.
"Wow." She looked at him in such a direct was he wanted to squirm. "I am speechless."
"Thank God."

They fought each other tooth and nail, and I loved every second of it! I've said it before, and I will say it again... My favorite part of romance reads is the journey and this one is not soon to be forgotten.

Being a new girl in the South, I always love stories filled with Southern charm and advice like these beauties: 

"Honey, this is Texas," Mrs. Porter s said. "We're interested in everybody's love lives."

"Well, I always thing it's a good idea to experience new things. But other than that, don't listen to a word I say. Because as sure as there's an armadillo squished on some Texas highway, I will lead you in the wrong direction."

Finally, the steamy scenes were just enough spice to make you blush! Charli and Reno were explosive when they got around each other. Shirt buttons weren't safe around these two!

"It this how you fight, Cowboy? You do your talking in the bedroom?"

I give this book a good FOUR STARS! I cannot wait to get my hands on EVERYTHING else Candis Terry has penned. She is added to my list of authors on Auto-Buy! :)

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