Monday, June 2, 2014

Book Nerd's Dozen: Shelly Bell

SHELLY BELL joins us in the latest edition of the BOOK NERD'S DOZEN... and just in time for the release of MERCY! (more steamy than your coffee from Starbucks!)

1) Waiting in line at Starbucks, what are you ordering? What name do you give?
Shelly Bell: Until recently, I was a nonfat cafĂ© latte drinker. But I’ve switched to iced black coffee—no cream, no sugar, no artificial sweetener. And the name I give is as boring as my drink—Shelly.
2) Who was your first book boyfriend?
Shelly Bell: Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre. I love a wealthy, tortured hero and he’s the ultimate one to me. During that time period, he wasn’t handsome by society’s standards, but from his description, I think he’d be considered sexy in modern times.
3) Last song you couldn't get enough of?
Shelly Bell: Dark Horse by Katy Perry. My son is so sick of that song because every time it plays on the radio, my daughter and I have to listen to it. It’s been months and I still love it.
4) At this very moment, do your socks match?
Shelly Bell: I’m barefoot right now. I hate wearing socks, but when I do wear them, they never match. At least they’re always black!
5) Dog-earring: okay or unforgivable?
Shelly Bell: Clip-ons or pierced? I’m not much for dressing a dog in clothes, much less accessories. My dog goes crazy if I try to put anything extra on him. Now cats are another story…
6) What is your super power?
Shelly Bell: I’m a speed reader! Does that count?
7) Dog person or cat person?
Shelly Bell: I’ve always been a dog person and grew up with dogs. When I was single, I had two cats, but now that I have kids, I’m back to dogs. We have a neurotic Labradoodle named Teddy.
8) Nickname?
Shelly Bell: Shell Bell. It’s funny because Bell is my married name, but people used to call me that as a kid. As soon as I saw my husband’s name (we met online through a dating website), I knew I was going to marry him.
9) If you had to leave one piece of advice for the next generation, what would it be?
Shelly Bell: Live each moment like it’s your last and you’ll regret nothing.
10) Tell me about your best author fangirl moment! (Either one you had or one someone had with you!)
Shelly Bell: Last year, I met author Kristen Ashley at a book signing. When her assistant asked my favorite book of hers, I couldn’t remember one title. Then when Kristen signed my book, I couldn’t speak. I was so embarrassed!
11) Are the men in your stories your ideal? Do you write them based off of someone?
Shelly Bell: The men in my earlier books were more my ideal than the ones I’m writing now. The men in my erotic thrillers are darker and more complex. I love reading and writing about alpha males, but honestly, if I met one I’d probably run the opposite way. The fantasy of a bad boy is so much better than the reality of one. That being said, every character I write, including the men, is based on some part of me.
12) Now, this one is important... Do you return your buggy to it's proper location after grocery shopping?
Shelly Bell: Sometimes. If I’m with my kids, I’m less likely to do it, because I don’t want to walk away and leave them alone in the car. But I try to do it as often as I can. I feel bad for the people who have to go collect them.
And finally, for the last and final question in your Book Nerd's Dozen:
13) Can you leave us fans with some juicy tidbit? A secret? (WE WON'T TELL!) A pet peeve?
Shelly Bell: In White Collared, every person who visits the sex club, Benediction, must wear wristband. Different colors identify different kinks. So for swag, I’m giving out wristbands in several different colors. But to know what kink it represents, you’ll have to read the book! I will tell you this…the heroine, Kate Martin, wears a white wristband.

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