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Sydney Landon embarks on a new project, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share the Lucian & Lia Trilogy with y'all. If you are familiar with Sydney's Danvers series, this is definitely not a comparison. Pierced is about two lonely souls who both have shattered pasts. Lia is a product of an unloving and abusive relationship and gets out as soon as she is able. Slowly, with time, she learns that family is not always blood. Lia struggles to make it from paycheck to paycheck until she can finish school, when her job at Date Night leads her into the companionship of Lucian Quinn.

"No way! You're a god!" 
I slap my hand over my mouth in horror. 
Did I actually say that aloud?
He gins, obviously highly entertained by my slip of the tongue. 
"Why thank you, Miss Adams; that is very flattering. 
Is there any particular reason that has led you to that conclusion?"

The gradual revealing of the intertwining stories leaves you eager to get to the next page. I found my eyes trying to jump ahead on more than one occasion. I enjoyed learning bits and pieces of the puzzle throughout the book, while I pieced them together. Besides Luc and Lia - you meet Monique (ugh!) and Aidan and Lia's best friends: Jake and Rose! Oh how I adore Rose. "Rose had a way with words, and ogling men is her favorite pastime; she is like June Clever with a dirty mind." Rose and Lia were best friends and other than Debra (the woman who saved her after escaping the hell that was her mother and stepfather) she was the only one who knew the severity of her history. The ease of their friendship is admirable and something every girl desires in a best friend...even if she finds herself cutting deals to check out your man!  "I pledge to ogle him discreetly. He will never notice when I stare at this ass and his crotch. This will be a total covert mission. I'm just doing this for you."

As the relationship progresses between Luc and Lia, you learn so little and yet so much from their interactions and countless conversations. They fight, argue and ignore one another like an normal couple.

"Wow, in just a few days, I've gone from being a God to you to being told to piss off. How the mighty have fallen."

As they learn about each other, the protective side each one develops for the other is intense to say the least. "I barely know this girl, but I want to fucking kill on her behalf." I will admit that my favorite aspect of their relationship is the humor used to help with difficult situations, and to cope with the fake that they have never felt the ease and playfulness that a normal person was able to experience. The shit she finds around my house to put her hair up in is fucking hysterical. Watching this beautiful butterfly come out of her cocoon fascinates me. I am enthralled by her and scared out of my ever-loving mind. During the short period of their dating thus far, they have grown to know what the other one needs, and takes care of that need. (Even if it isn't necessarily what the affected party desires!) There was one bonus, though; she is fucking adorable on Nyquil. I don't think she even remembers how she would talk ninety miles a minute and suddenly pass out in mid-sentence. I swear, one moment, she was asking me a question and before I could get the answer out, she was snoring with her mouth hanging open. One of the funniest things I've ever witnessed.

I can't tell you much more of the story without giving away too much of the story, and that is not my review style! So, I will leave you with this:  Sydney found a gem with this story. You are left wanting... no needing to know more from every character you encounter. At times throughout this story, you find yourself close to tears and full of sympathy - and then with a crack like "So, I guess we aren't hosting a Mother's Day lunch this year?" you are smiling while remembering the family, friendship and love that is forming throughout the growth of these characters.

My last review offered a wine pairing, this review will offer a more educational add-on: A new word for your vocabulary. 

Her smile widens as she says, "So, let me get this straight: my mostly-virginal friend is having a fuckionship?"
"A what?" I sputter out. 
"A fuckionship. You know, a relationship that is only about fucking..."

As always, we will end with SHOWING OUR LADY SOME LOVE!!!! 

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