Monday, June 23, 2014

Fall For Me

This is the 3rd book in the Danvers series, and Sydney Landon has not let me down yet! In this installment you get a deeper look into the lives of Suzy's sister, Beth and Gray's brother, Nick. You got the hint that their hate-filled relationship in the previous book was bound to make for some hot sex, but a relationship - both parties had their doubts.

This book dove deeper into some serious topics, and I think the author handled them very well. I respect her for not breezing over the severity of eating disorders and self image. This is a huge issue in our society today, and while many will find it a mood killer while reading a romance novel - I loved it! I was hoping she would accept help, and rooting for him to be strong enough to handle a woman not ready to be helped.

I adored the honest reactions each had to the pregnancy. I found myself laughing out loud when he made the mistake at telling her she'd be beautiful at any size. I am almost positive this is a word for word conversation from 90% of all first pregnancies. My husband, thankfully, learned after #1. Besides the incredibly fun road to a well deserved HEA, you get to visit with old friends:

  • Jason & Claire JUMP to the chance for some alone time while partnering with Beth in proving Nick is
    going to run when the going gets tough. A couple of stinky situations and this night ends with promises of stripper moves, but not before snapping an evidence shot of two 'parents-to-be' who looked to have had a rough night! 
  • Suzy & Gray are my favorite couple so far! Full of sass that Suzy and I can just see Gray rolling his eyes saying, "Yes Sweetie." I love the advice the men share amongst themselves as if the women don't know what is going on. Suzy & Gray have some life changing surprises of their own in this sweet book - and I was so elated for them. 
  • You get some baking time in with the Merimon parents.
  • The Dentons will probably make you feel a little bad about yourself. 
And then you get sparks of a new interest, which I hope to be the basis of the next Danvers book. Virginal Ella is so out of place with her group of friends, but she is finding her spot. 

"Oh man, I just love them. I didn't know Clair had a horse, though."
Beth's mouth dropped open in shock. Surely, Ella wasn't that naive. When Ella doubled over in laughter and said, "Got ya," Beth had to admit that her shy little friend had certainly come a long, long way.

Declan is a blunt and straight forward man who doesn't have pointless conversations stop to take notice of the little things people like, except for when he comes to Ella. Everyone sees the way he looks at her, but what about his past has him reserved? Was it something in his military background? His childhood? A broken heart? You don't know, but Ella wants to find out.

Overall, I rode a roller coaster of various emotions throughout this book and while it can be taxing on a lady's heart, Sydney Landon wove the story together so seamlessly - you couldn't help but finish the whole book in one sitting. Another GREAT job Sydney! Still waiting for a position to open up for me at Danvers! (My husband probably wouldn't be too pleased with me working at a place that apparently only hires males that can be described as a stallion, sex on a stick or those who can't even be given the time to unbutton their shirts - it just gets RIPPED off! YAY! 

And finally, a FIRST for our blog: I am recommending you pair this book with a Moscato Citrus Berry Cocktail. :) 

As always, we will end with SHOWING OUR LADY SOME LOVE!!!! 

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