Sunday, June 22, 2014

All Lined Up

All Lined Up was a Cora Carmack first for me. And I have to say, it was a fun and quick read. The characters were likable and real. I think that is the appeal to me about New Adult. They are still at that age in their lives where it is not all figured out. Your lead male is not a billionaire with all these toys to swoon a woman at his disposal. You have two NEW adults trying to find themselves and love. 

Dallas has lived in the shadow of her father's Texas football coach fame her entire life; finally leaving that shadow she enrolls at Rusk University. Conveniently, her father is offered a coaching position there. It was bad enough that Dallas would be attending school with the only boy she had ever dated, but now she is still in the shadows. And as you know, football is HUGE in Texas. 

Enter Carson a 2nd year transfer from a local community college. He is determined and focused to make something of himself and not let him be distracted by drinking and most importantly - girls. And then she walks out onto a balcony above him and his red-headed daredevil jumps down to avoid the jerk of a football player trying to score. "Oh shit. Shit taking a shit on shit." Distracted already. Luckily this smart-mouthed girl was honest to a fault and made it very clear of her lack of intentions with him. Which was good since, "God, do they make WD-40 for flirting? Because I am rusty."

A friendship emerges into something more with lots of fun bumps along the way. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. I enjoyed the supporting cast tremendously. I am picking up her 'Losing It' series as soon as I return home, and I am sure I will devour those as quickly as I did this book! 

A strong FOUR STARS for Cora Carmack! 
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