Friday, May 9, 2014

Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines

Valerie Willis is one of three of those "Willis Girls." Living the life of a politician's daughter isn't always the easiest. Edward Willis expected his daughters to act a certain way to maintain his image of a man with strong family values. Caroline, Valerie and Ellie had plans of their own. Daddy Willis wasn't always so keen of those ideas.

Justin Silverton is a son of Fred Silverton of Silverton Farms. Justin, a Marine, fell hard for Val the first time when he was home on leave. He kissed her before he introduced himself. He ran into her again years later while she was trying to reach a bottle of wine on the top shelf at the grocery store. The spark that was instant all those years ago was still there. Avoided, but present.

"You know what thing. This kissing thing you do that catches me off guard. It was okay when I was sixteen, but I am not interested in dating anyone. Period. No matter how many times you kiss me or try to use that aw-shucks-I'm-just-a-nice-farm-boy charm on me, it isn't going to change."

Val is living back in Rock Canyon while being an animal groomer; Not Daddy Willis' idea of an ideal daughter. While trying to move up the political ladder, he continues to control and mold his daughters. Trying to make Val's divorce a thing of the past he sets his daughter up to head to a singles mixer with threats of cutting off her younger sister, Ellie. Reluctantly, she goes. No desire to date, let alone remarry.

"Close relationships never work out and almost always left you with invisible scars that never healed."

"The air around them crackled, and she licked her lips, watching his eyes darken to the color of Jack Daniels."

Justin heads to True Love with one thing in mind: Valerie Willis. Someone else may have gotten his Brad Paisley tickets, but nobody is going to get his second chance at love with the snarky, ornery middle Willis.

"I don't know. I've hear orneriness is better than taking a vitamin a day."

"That's a little stalkerish, don't you think?"

Codi Gary writes these emotions between characters that tugs at every heart string I have. Justin and Val's story isn't any different in that department. Now, the level in which she tugs at those are chart breaking. Very Romeo and Juliet. Feuding families and young love. This story works so well because it hits every emotion we have. And with every turn of the page, you are left begging for more!

"And just like that, he leaned over her, his eyes like warm honey. 'Because when I have my way with you, you'll be awake, you'll be well, and you'll be begging me for it.'"

On a personal level, I think these two hold a special place in my heart because they remind me so much of my husband and I. Down to earth, with no better night than dinner and a movie on the couch. And trivia! We love... no ADORE trivia. (And Jensen Ackles! What made me giggle is I love his beauty and my Mister loves Supernatural!)

"I actually have to explain Jensen Ackles to you? The man is pure male perfection."
Pure Male Perfection Here!!! 

As I have learned with Codi's previous books, the supporting cast is more than that! They are stars of their own. Ellie is one of my favorites, although I have my guesses that she might have a "Know It All" complex! Ms. Andrews rears her Holier than Thou self through this story, not without some sass from this Willis. And the cast from True Love. Perfect! I have said this before, and I am more than sure I will say it again: I want to live in Rock Canyon!

And for the QUOTES! Codi is the queen of quote-worthy books! Here are a few of my favorites! (I'll tell you a secret, most of the book was highlighted as a quote...)

"Oh sweetheart, no. Love is about give and take and making compromises because the other person's happiness means more than your own."

"In my humble opinion, you should always apologize shirtless."

"To understand a woman is like a one-legged man trying to kick his own ass."

"Under the circumstances, I think I'm being damn charming."

"When actually you were threatening me with cutlery. Who says romance is dead?"

"Yeah, why not, I'm already shacking up with you. Might as well marry you and make you a tad bit respectable."

The road to this HEA is one worth traveling! Kick your feet up and enjoy this ride! I know I did! And be prepared, this one story has quite a few layers to peel back to get to your HEA. I love it!!! FIVE STARS FROM ME for Codi Gary! I have a headline for Ms. Know It All's gossip article: "FARM BOY FINALLY GETS HIS BRAD PAISLEY TICKETS & MORE!" Now, go give this lady some LOVE:

Book will be out May 20, 2014


  1. Sounds like my kind of book! I have mine on pre order! Codi Gary writes with a passion that any everyday woman can relate to, and that alone makes her books awesome 5 star reads!

    1. Right? I bet her husband is amazing! :)