Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our thoughts on losing our RT Virginity and 1 IPhone

RT Booklovers Convention 2014 was EPIC. We only did Saturday, but we learned so much and made more memories than we could have ever imagined. First things first, these are our "QUICK, give me your first 10 thoughts about RT!"

3) Fangirling
5)Seeing someone have a book that is not out yet, and then realizing you must have overlooked it at the table. 
6)ALWAYS wear shirts about drinking, you get a lot of compliments
7)When YA authors say they Fuc*ing LOVE something... <--- FAVORITE moment (Sarah J. Maas and Kristyn talking about their shared loved of Karie Marie Moning and Jerricho Barons)
8)Take pictures on tons of different devices, sync, backup, etc...
9) I don't think I will ever bring books to sign unless I am staying at that hotel. You get so much stuff anyway. 
10)I also really loved the scrapbook idea we saw. We are going to do that next year. 

1)Drunk stalking pays off!
2)Authors take sharpies, but when you are friends on FB, they are SO honest about telling you. (Thanks Codi & Jeffe)
3)Books are heavy!
4)Swag is heavy too!
5)I think authors have this awesome complimentary reaction to our fangirling... like authorgirling maybe?
6)Just about EVERYONE is a Harry Potter fan.
7)Sex sells! (Just ask the 800 people waiting to meet E.L. James (I was wristband: PURPLE746)
8)Authors are people too! 
9)In a room with hundred upon hundreds of book nerds, when someone hollers "QUIET" it takes like 2.5 seconds for complete silence. We have "library voice" down! 
10)Rolling suitcases are my best friend. 

Other things we learned during our RT experience:

E.L. James taught me a few things, as already mentioned: Sex Sells. This lady had so many fans. It was insane. And when my # was finally called 3 hours after the signing started I was so excited to meet this lady. Whatever peoples thoughts are, she helped bring reading back into the limelight. I don't ever judge WHAT people read, and I am thankful for anyone who helps get folks reading. Now, at the signing - pictures weren't being taken, so the other thing she taught me was "If at first you don't succeed...try and try again!" I bumped into her at the party later that night and she was kind enough to humor my FANGIRL moment!

Trains are a FUN way to travel. On the way home, Kristyn was seated next to a local author who was also coming home from RT.
 This picture is how we got around lugging our books to be signed. We had everyone sign our frame matting and are going to make a picture collage of our New Orleans experience!
 Authors FANGIRL too!!! I found one of my favorite authors in line to meet one of her favorite authors! And if you take the last book of the one they want, they threaten you too! Haha...
 Ain't no party like a book nerd party cause a book nerd party don't stop!
 Darynda Jones proved to me that awkward and drunk author stalking pays off. I just stared for a while, but she was so genuinely sweet and took the time to listen to me NERD out about her books and man... this woman is responsible for the sexy, sultry Son of Satan!!!
 Robyn Peterman taught me that when you are on their Facebook, and reviewing their books and LOVING their faces - they remember you! She was the 1st author in New Orleans I saw, and I stopped DEAD in my tracks and mouthed "OMG that is Robyn Peterman," and she saw me and walked over and gave me a big hug! I just about died! And then she invited me to breakfast the next day! Seriously? This lady is like a rock star to me!!!
 Kris Calvert was a riot to meet, and I cannot wait to read and review her books!
Mark Henry taught me that me that even when the outdoor cafe is a covered cafe BIRDS CAN STILL POOP in your coffee! And tampons are acceptable to have autographed.
I am sure we learned A LOT of other stuff, but final parting thoughts: People will steal. These pictures were all we had. Kristyn got her phone stolen with ALL of our pictures. And at first we were REALLY upset, but thinking about the conversations we had, the questions we asked, the answers we got, the laughs we had and the hugs shared... we wouldn't change a moment. It was an awesome experience!!! If none of this makes sense - don't hold it against me, in the last 3 days... I think I have had like 8 hours of sleep... Hope you enjoyed our RT Experience in a Nutshell!


  1. You did a great job recounting your experiences! So much of RT is about authors networking, so it's awesome to get to read about the experience from, well, readers! And I'm so lucky to be friends with Robyn and Kris--and they really are that wild and crazy even when they aren't being stalked by readers. :)


    1. :) We had such a good time, and have a WHOLE year until next one... we started planning our moves on the train back!

  2. So awesome to meet you guys!!!

    1. Feeling was mutual! You made me laugh so hard!