Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A misunderstanding of nerd Proportions

Recently we ventured into this really fun questionnaire that we are calling 'The Book Nerd's Dozen.' It is 13 silly questions that we asked of our favorite authors. And I must tell you, the responses are beyond epic. We will make this an event on our page, and will also share the answers on our blog. But, today this is not the reason for my post. One question in particular made me laugh. Responses were not necessarily humorous so much as the misunderstood term. 

5) Dog-earring: okay or unforgivable?

Within the 24 hours that I have received a wide range of responses to this, I have learned a few things. 
1) We love our animals. 
2) I would have had a better response if I used the term "Dog-eared"
3) Assuming will often make an ass of me. 

Definition of Dog-Ear

Now that I have cleared the air, I do hope nobody thinks I take my animals to get their ears pierced. I was referring to the marking of my spot in a book by folding the corner down. I will admit that I do not do this often, but in a bind: I dog-ear.
*Hangs head in shame*

I do have ONE rule to my dog-earring (hehe) of books. I will only commit what many have referred to as:
A sin! Bad book readers!
I hate it, as I feel a book shouldn't be mutilated.
I feel awful defacing the book..
Crime against nature...
to books that are my own. I treat borrowed books with the utmost respect. The odd thing is about dog-eared books is I love to buy them. (Used, that is!) I am one of those readers who tends to not but a book down until I am done. With that being said, I work 45 hours a week, have 3 children and a husband - so that doesn't always happen. One thing for sure: I DON'T stop mid-chapter for much... bleeding child, watering breaking and
other such emergencies. Now that you understand my ridiculous reading habits, I will move on to why I love buying dog-eared books. My mind wanders to an entire different story of the reader who stopped at that point. What possibly possessed them to stop RIGHT THERE? Could I stop there?Why didn't they grab a bookmark? Did they ever get to finish it? Is that weird? It is something I have done with books for as long as I can remember. This is a big reason why E-readers make me so sad. There is history in books. Books retain smells. I have books that smell like baby powder. That new baby smell brings me back to when I read it. (Which was probably during one of my three maternity leaves) I am an emotionally charged person, who finds sentimental value in some of the silliest things. Growing up, I was always the odd kid out. I had friends, but I never really felt at home. When my nose was in a book, I was at home. I had friends who were wizards, sleuths and even sparkling vampires. (I know, but you are guilty too... I just admit it!) I traveled to far away places and imaginary places. It was the childhood of my imagination. My question to you is: Do you dog-ear? Do you call it something else? Does your dog wear earrings?What is the weirdest thing you have ever used to hold your place in a book? 

Thanks for hanging out with us, and for indulging in my random thoughts. I leave you with this helpful photo for the next time I confuse you. 

 {To answer my own questions: I do dog-ear, on occasion. I have never known it to be something other than dog-ear. My dogs have never worn earrings. (Or my cats, fish or hamsters.) I have used my Kindle to hold my place, receipts, empty candy bar wrappers, my phone, a Q-tip... the list goes on... }


  1. I just read this post to my husband and I have tears running down my face from laughing so hard! I was one of those who had never heard of the term "dog-earring." My husband knew what it was. I didn't have a different term. I think I called it "folding the corner." Before I started using an e-reader, I was notorious for dog-earring. Now that I collect signed books, I use a bookmark and occasionally, a book thong. I had to start using an e-reader when my kids were infants because I had a kid in each arm and I couldn't turn the pages. I love that you think about the people who read the books before you. I think e-readers try to capture it with the ability to write notes and highlight passages, but I agree, there is something lost with e-books. And the weirdest thing I've used to hold my place in a book is a used condom wrapper. Thanks for making me laugh! Love the picture of the dog wearing an earring!

    1. :) Glad I could make you laugh! Some people's responses had me dying! A condom wrapper? Epic! I have 3 kids... needless to say there haven't been a lot of condom wrappers around my house. LOL


    I haven't laughed this hard in so long and mostly at myself as I am one of those who answered the question as if it pertained to dogs and earrings.

    You know I've been e-reading since before Oprah heard of Kindle and don't even think in terms of print anymore. So naturally I looked dog-earring up on Google and got hundreds of photos of dogs with pierced ears and studs.

    You'd better give me a chance to change my answer before you publish my 13 q & a.


    1. Feel free to re-answer! :) I loved how passionate your answer was! You rock!