Saturday, May 31, 2014

Book Nerd's Dozen: Dakota Cassidy

  • Today we welcome Dakota Cassidy to the Book Nerd's Dozen! I adored my 1st book by her, I just couldn't wait for a release to share all this ladies FUN!!!
  • On to the Book Nerd's Dozen...

1) Waiting in line at Starbucks, what are you ordering? What name do you give?

Dakota: I'm ordering a white chocolate mocha (none of that sissy skinny latte,lowfat, half-caf, decaf, no whipped cream crap. I want it ALL!) and Stephen King. :)

2) Who was your first book boyfriend?

Dakota: Um, I think it was Ponyboy Curtis from the outsiders. But it's been a long time. Like a really long time, and i can't remember if he was the one of his brother was. Either way, they were all mine anyway. *twirls hair, pops gum.*

Last song you couldn't get enough of?

Dakota: It's a tie. Happy and Talk Dirty To Me.

4) At this very moment, do your socks match?

Dakota: I don't have on any socks because I'm a rebel like that. Kinky, right? :)

5)Dog-earring: Okay or unforgivable?

Dakota: Do you mean like jewelry on my dog? Unforgivable. I get all the jewelry. End of story. :)

6) What is your super power?

Dakota: I can hear a song once and almost always know the lyrics the next time. Which means -- I. Am. Batman.

7)Dog person or cat person? (When we sent out this it said CAR and not CAT, Dakota was the only person to respond to it reading CAR, we did mean CAT)

Dakota: I'm not sure I understand the question. Are they opposing forces: dogs and cars? Is car the new arch nemesis of dog? I guess it could be, right? Dogs chase cars... Is this a trick question?

8) Nickname?

Dakota: I don't have one. Maybe you all could give me one?

9) If you had to leave one piece of advice for the next generation, what would it be?

Dakota: Buy stock in Botox because pretty soon you'll be able to hit the drive thru on your lunch hour for an injection.

10) Tell us about your best author fangirl moment! (Either one you had or someone had with you?

Dakota: Someone once heard me laugh in a bathroom stall while I was talking to another friend and instantly knew it was me. She handed me toilet paper under the stall to sign. I don't care what anybody tells you, that's when you know you've made it. Golden stuff. No pun intended.

11) Are the men in your stories your ideal? Do you write them based off of someone?

Dakota: Not always, though they all have one trait I can't live without -- a sense of humor. :) Mostly, they have my husband's core qualities like integrity, loyalty. But I just can't get with dating a werewolf. Likely, he'd have better hair than me, and that just won't work. :) 
12) Now this one is important... do you return your buggy to its proper location after grocery shopping?

Dakota: OMG, people, return those carts! How mean is it for those poor kids to have to chase those things down all over the parking lot because you shoved yours up on the sidewalk. Those high schoolers are our future. We need experts in finance and environmental issues, not sprinters!

And for the final question...

13) Can you leave us fans with a juicy tidbit? A secret? (WE WON'T TELL!) A pet peeve?

Dakota: There is nothing juicy left in me. I'm old and not so juicy anymore. But if it helps, I really, really hate bending at the waist these days. That's definitely a new-ish pet peeve. :)

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