Monday, May 12, 2014

Girl Gone Wild...

"It's all fun and games until someone starts falling in love..."

That is a fitting quote from this book! I read and LOVED the first in this series. It fell into my lap, per the recommendation of Avon Romance. (Who is my eyes is the EPITOME of Romance. They have not steered me wrong! They are Book Gods...) As I stated in my last review, I was reading about Duke & Jane and before I knew it - the end was there. Right in front of me... no where else to go. Except to run and One-Click #2.

"This was real. On some level, this was Something."

And it went and happened again. I started reading it. My heart broke...  I was proud of decisions made... And the ending (well, the ALMOST ending) was perfect! That article...(both Hers & especially HIS) was the gesture of all grand gestures. "@DukeAusten: When a $20 billion IPO isn't everything."

"She was aware that this wasn't true desire, it was the Ashbrooke affect and legions of women had been similarly afflicted. It wasn't special."

The emotions in this book were palpable. Intense. Everytime Jane choked up, I did. (And you will!) I do adore her best friend, and believe she would make an EPIC spin-off character. Full of spunk and everything a girl wants in a BFF. We all need that one person who knows us better than we do, and pushes us to our limits. Roxanna and her mysterious man.

"Perhaps happy + awful = hawful."

Duke Austen. One word. Epic. And when he reacts, it is on monumental proportions. He is the kind of man who makes you swoon even when you are not the object of his affection. You swoon watching him approach another woman. "They say you and trouble are notoriously inseparable." Silly, but he has that kind of presence. I am eager to read the rest of Maya's books based solely on his ability to write a character THAT worthy of swoon. Two books in one day good. You rocked my socks and have now left me dying for more.

Let's show our girl SOME LOVE!

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