Friday, May 30, 2014

Book Nerd's Dozen: Tors & Jins Style

Hello Victoria & Jinsey!!! Thanks for allowing us to be EARLY READERS!!! and for taking a moment from your WILDE lives to participate in the Book Nerd's Dozen!!!

1) Waiting in line at Starbucks, what are you ordering? What name do you give?

V:Iced Coffee
J: Latte
Both: We both give our real names. But can you guys give us suggestions for funny names to give next time?

Cat & Kris: You should alternate names from your books! Or you could be Kandy, Kandy with a K. :)

2) Who was your first book boyfriend?

V: My friends and I went through a brief Edward period.
J: Mr. Darcy

3) Last song you couldn't get enough of?

V: All of Me by John Legend (It's my "ESCAPED ARTIST" writing theme song.)
J: May I by Trading Yesterday

4) At this very moment, do your socks match?

V: I'm wearing panda socks, and each one makes half of the face. I even have them on the right feet!
J: Why would anyone wear matching socks?

5) Dog-earring: okay or unforgivable?

V: A SIN. Pretty bookmarks exist for a reason.
J: Totally unforgivable.

6) What is your super power?

V: Writing hot guys.
J: I make great cookies!

7) Dog person or cat person?

V: I have two pups! And I want a pot-bellied big named Bacon.
J: Totally dog.

8) Nickame?

V: Tors
J: Jins

9) If you had to leave one piece of advice for the next generation, what would it be?

BOTH: Read. Read. Read.

Cat & Kris: AMEN!

10) Tell me about your best author fangirl moment! (Either one you had or one someone had with you!)

BOTH: Getting to work with each other. <3

11) Are the men in your stories your ideal? Do you write them based off of someone?

BOTH: They are our ideal in a way, but they're not perfect people. And we definitely use traits from people we know, but no character is based on one singular person from our lives.

12) Now, this one is important... Do you return your buggy to it's proper location after grocery shopping?

V: My fiance does the grocery shopping. :)
J: My kids race it back to the proper place.

And finally, for the last and final question in your Book Nerd's Dozen:

13) Can you leave us fans with some juicy tidbit? A secret? (WE WON'T TELL!) A pet peeve?

BOTH: We might be considering spin-off novels for the members of No Man's Land. :)

Cat & Kris: SQUEAL!!!!

Thank you two SOOO much for taking the time to hang with us!!! Can't wait to chat again in the NEAR future when we get more Dare & Ree!!!

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