Monday, May 12, 2014

Wicked Arrangement

Wicked Arrangement is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading from Maya Rodale. This is one of those books that when you go to Amazon and see the amount of books this author has penned - you are kicking yourself for taking so long finding them. She is yet another Avon author who has a magic pen. (Or typewriter, ancient laptop or sleek Macbook!) I flew through this modern day/Regency era mash-up of a romance novel. (I ate up the bits of Regency speak throughout the book!) Sounds interesting, right?

Meet plain Jane. (Clever, huh?) She had her life planned to a tee. Marry Sam. House? Already picked out. Career aspirations? Library science, of course. Going to have 2.5 kids, white picket fence and bake apple pies. A self-proclaimed wallflower who just might SHUSH you at a party. Well, 12 years in the making and her perfectly planned life comes to a screeching halt when perfect Sam leaves her due to her Wallflower status. An impulsive move to the Big Apple and plans to write her Regency era romance novel, she plans to start fresh.

In walks (or swaggers) Duke friggin Austen. (SWOON...)

"I easily imaged him as one of the pirates and rogues I read about in historical romance novels. It wasn't just how he looked, either, but the was he moved through the crowd. Really, the man swaggered."

Duke is was dubbed 'The Billionaire Bad Boy' due to rumored drug use, alcoholism, different girls every night and the failure of his first two start-ups. Guy is a genius who sees this librarian in a sweater set who could solve all his image problems. "Sweater Set" Jane sees sex-on-a-stick who can help her with her problem of getting over Sam, or at least occupying her bed while Sam comes to his senses. These two agree to a 'Wicked Arrangement' to benefit both parties. What could possibly go wrong?

"Stop with the romantic compliments. I might swoon."

"Heartbeat: stopped. Breathing:stopped. My life: Over."
The beginning of this FAUXmance

"I was the voted most likely to end up in jail, as well as most likely to win the Nobel Prize."

This fauxmance blossoms on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram and YouTube before everyone's eyes. Behind closed doors, the walls drop and these two closed off people open up to each other.

"Cubic Zirconia, Jane. Don't forget."

Months of being unable to write her novel, Duke sparks the inspiration and she writes page after page. Cleaning up his image, the funding is secured. Both Duke and Jane get what they were hoping for. Then a text from the past brings up so many questions about the unanswered questions between the two. What will either do?

"I write romance novels, Roxanna. Of course, I'm falling for him."

Maya writes so fluidly that you find yourself crawling on your hands and knees with Jane when she bumps into Duke. (Why is she crawling you ask? Read the book!) I found myself checking MY phone for texts from Duke. (4 days!!!) And then it just ended. )};//End part one I almost died!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on the next one from this series. Best part is the complimentary series of what Jane Sparks is actually writing. Such an awesomely unique idea.

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