Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cop A Feel

Before I begin my review, I have decided to profess my love for Robyn Peterman. Now, I am happily married to the man of my dreams, but this woman is my literary soul mate! I have not laughed this hard since my college days of too much drinking and not remembering how we made it back across the US/Mexico border! When my husband and I renew our vows in a few years - I am going to contract her to write our vows! The vows exchanged in this book were PRICELESS.

Cop A Feel is the end of the Handcuffs and Happily Ever Afters series. I will admit, I was upset to hear this. 'How Hard Can It Be' was my first Robyn experience, and I will admit - I saw Jesus! :) When I ventured on to 'Size Matters,' I laughed out loud the entire time, and thought about finding Big Foot myself! Cop A Feel tied the entire story up with a neat bow. No... scratch that! Tied it up to the bed with handcuffs? (Metal or Fuzzy? You will have to attend Shoshanna's panel on that topic to find out what her son prefers!)

This final installment is about Mitch's sister, Candace. We all met Candy in the last book when her brother Mitch fell in LURVE! Candy's no nonsense, rough and tough demeanor makes me giggle - because it does anything but match her name. Candy has been having no-strings attached sex with a man for the last year, and she couldn't even tell you his name. (He couldn't tell you hers either - or could he?)

Candy gets stuck on a babysitting job for her boss, Steve while she is recuperating from a cartel related wound. When this seemingly harmless task becomes more than expected - back-up is called in. An all too familiar voice enters the room and Candy is a GONER. Not-Dave is her partner? Oh no! This could be trouble!

These two undercover agents have never had a job make them more uncomfortable that this one. Leather chaps, rubber skirts, vibrators with your 'moms' picture on them and hardcore (undercover kinky!) religious protesters outside of the Marriott! I cannot give away the story, because that isn't my style! You get your HEA! That much I can say. In between, you will experience nothing normal. Every turn of the page will make you re-read the paragraph. Robyn, who writes because the people in her head won't stop until she has put them on paper, must laugh out loud ALL THE TIME if this is what is always going on in her head. Haha.

Luke is perfect. (Minus all his flaws!) I adore this man, and his need for Candy! (I WANT CANDY!!!) He is deep, and by the time I was done, if Candy wasn't willing - I would be! "Because you're you and you make me real. A civilian could never understand what I've done. Some of it, I had to do and some of it I wanted to do. You are perfectly imperfect - so beautiful and so damaged. I am so fucking drawn to you, I can't see straight. That's why." It was lines like that - I was just *swoon* - speechless!!!

You get to revisit with all your favorites from the last two books. Ok, ok... I will warn you - some you will need to visit in prison, BUT even they get their HEA. :) I adored getting to check in my my other two favorite couples. Candy making friends with Kristy and Rena made me smile. Mitch's protectiveness over his sister made my heart melt. When she was honest with her feelings about Luke, that was the icing on the MF'ing cupcake! "He wants me, Mitch. He wants me just like I am - with my scars on the outside and even the uglier ones on the inside. He's good with my Glock strapped to my thigh and my total fucking fear of commitment. He's made me think about things and want things I've never considered a possibility for myself... I think I need that."

There wasn't a character I didn't love - ok... Helen. But she was essential to the story. Shoshanna my my favorite! I think we need to petition Robyn to write Shoshanna's book - I would read it! And she is just so blunt with her choice of words, so loving with her actions and such a Viking! This last quote from the book is what I will leave you with. The chemistry between Shoshanna, Luke and Candy is perfection!

"Sweet Mother Mary in a miniskirt," Shoshanna exploded, never one to let being chastised get her down. "You're fucking Batman."

"Nope. I'm fucking Candy."
"Oh my God," I hissed, and punched his arm. "Shut. Up."
"Seriously," Shoshanna said with a laugh and leaned forward, yet again. "You're an orphan who's richer than shit and you fight crime! You're fucking Batman."

Now, let's show this CRAZY woman some LURV

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