Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cat's Take on LOST IN ME...

First and foremost, I must send a big THANK YOU to Kristyn for making me stop what I was doing and reading this AMAZING book!!! I am going to skip over the BLURB, if you need to know, check out Kristyn's awesome review of this book: CLICK HERE - YOU KNOW YOU WANNA! On to the book!

Amnesia is tough. Especially when you wake up engaged to a man you have lusted since before you knew what lust really was - but don't remember dating him. It's even tougher when you wake up to another sexier man who can play your body like it is his sole purpose in like.

Okay, maybe that doesn't sound tough from the outside. All the unanswered questions and fuzzy dreams that Hanna is experiencing is too much. An accidental fall down the stairs causes Hanna to wake up 50 pounds lighter and a totally different woman than she was 11 months earlier. Will she ever get her memories back?

Lexi writes these characters that tug at your heart strings! I hurt when Hanna hurts. I swoon when Lizzy watches Nate. I feel the uncertainty that Nix feels about the "accident." Let me introduce you to the people you will fall in love with when you pick up this book.

Maximillian Halloweell is the epitome of perfection. Personal trainer who owns his own gym and sexy as all get out. Hanna admires him from a distance as he admires all the pretty 'skinny' girls around. When she wakes up - Max is no different from her idea of perfection - except, he is hers! *insert swooning fanigirl moment here* (I will admit, something about him rubs me the wrong way - from page one...I still don't know why! I'd still make out with this fictional hottie though!) Max has lines for days and is the giver of the rock sitting on Hanna's ring finger. "I know you don't remember. I'll win your heart all over again if I have to." How does a girl not get weak in the knees with lines like this?

Only reason to NOT go weak in the knees is this Hulk tattoo wearing Rock God, who goes by the name of Nate Crane. "God concentrated sexiness and gave it to the world though Nate Crane's voice. The boy could melt the panties off a nun" Unsure as to how she knows this man, or his place since she is so clearly engaged to Max.
"Do I know you?" I ask. 
He lets out a huff and stares at the starlit sky.  "Yeah. You know." When he drops his gaze back to meet mine, his eyes are moist with unshed tears. "I'm the idiot who's in love with you."
In love with me? "But, I'm engaged."
Secrets are revealed, and memories are starting to show themselves. Scones are being baked and lattes are being made all while wedding dresses are being tried on. 
By the last page, I wanted TWO THINGS:
1) To be a part of this world. I wanted to be a groupie to Asher and Nate. Friends with Lizzy, Nix and all the girls. Spend girls nights drinking chocolate martinis. I want to kiss Nate, smack Meredith and find out about the accident. 
2) To read book TWO! 

I can't tell you about the pregnancies, the silent partners, the trips to LA or the tapered candle incident. You will need to pick up this book and thank me later! I will send your thanks to Kristyn who has my undying gratitude for getting me to read this FIVE STAR BOOK!!! 
Now let's so Lexi Ryan some LOVE!!!

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