Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Nerd's Dozen - Madison Street

Today we welcome MADISON STREET. Amazon tells us: Madison Street was born in New York City and was raised in the Bronx, where she resided until she was 17 years old. After 9/11, Madison joined the United States Navy to serve her country.

During the deployments, Madison constantly wrote short stories and she discovered her passion for writing. You will find Madison always on the computer, whether she's on Facebook, designing websites, messing with Photoshop, or writing for her blog.
Besides writing, her second passion is music and dance. Even though she's a terrible singer, she'll still belt it out in the shower, especially if the song is her jam! She currently resides in Virginia with her husband of 8 years, 2 children, a dog, and a cat. She is so excited to start this amazing journey and is honored to be part of such a compassionate and loving community.

Waiting in line at Starbucks, what are you ordering? What name do you give? 
Madison: Well, you know the funny thing is I actually don’t like Starbucks coffee. I prefer the real deal coffee straight from Columbia. That’s what I grew up drinking. However, I absolutely love the hot chocolate from Starbucks, so I usually order the Venti hot chocolate with whip cream and a marble pound cake slice. Yum!! I might go get some right now! Who cares if it’s 90 degrees today! Ha!

Who was your first book boyfriend? 
Madison:My first will always be Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. I read that book when I was 14 years old and have loved him ever since. I think his character are what other current book boyfriends strive to be. Mr. Darcy is witty, sexy, rich, mysterious, handsome, rugged, smoldering, but he’s also gentle, graceful, proper, brave, honest, and smoldering!!! Yup, 15 years later and I still love him! LOL

Last song you couldn't get enough of?
Madison: I just discovered Chandelier by Sia and it’s been on replay for the past week. I even have my husband listening to it. And I actually thought of a new story so I might start plotting a whole new book pretty soon.

At this very moment, do your socks match?
Madison: I hate wearing socks! But when I do wear them they don’t match…what’s the point of matching socks?? No one sees them cuz my shoes hide them!

Dog-earring: okay or unforgivable?
Madison: Ha!! Not my style! That is just trifling!

What is your super power?
Madison: Hmmm….tough question. My super power is the ability to get my husband to do whatever I want. Seriously…no matter how hard he tries to withstand my pouty lips or my puppy dog eyes, he ALWAYS caves and he hates it! He always says to me, “You’re lucky I love you.” LOL

Dog person or cat person?
Madison: A little bit of both. I have a dog and a cat and I treat them both like my children.

Madison: Juicy bootie!!! Hahaha!!!!

If you had to leave one piece of advice for the next generation, what would it be?
Juicy Bootie: Hmm another good question. No matter what life throws at you always remember, every day is a second chance.

Tell me about your best author fangirl moment! (Either one you had or one someone had with you!) 
Madison: I’ve never had a moment happen to me but as a reader I went to a book signing in March and I got to meet Jake Wilson, the muse for Hilary Storm. That man is so freaking hot and I got to take a picture with him. He pulled me into his rock hard chest and squeezed me and holy hell, he smelled so good!! I even got to kiss his cheek and feel his muscles!! LOL never forget that day!!

Are the men in your stories your ideal? Do you write them based off of someone? 
Madison: Duke, the hero in my story is the splitting image of my husband, even the physical descriptions are identical. I try to base male characters off of men that I’ve met as I try to make my story as real as possible.

Now, this one is important... Do you return your buggy to it's proper location after grocery shopping?
Madison: Ha!! Guilty as charged! I always leave it in the parking lot by my car unless the cart return area is close to me…I mean, come on now..I’m lazy and I’ll be the first to admit that.

And finally, for the last and final question in your Book Nerd's Dozen:
Can you leave us fans with some juicy tidbit? A secret? (WE WON'T TELL!) A pet peeve?
Madison: A huge pet peeve of mine is seeing all of the “Ranting” on Facebook. I think people have forgotten what FB was actually designed for. It’s not for telling the whole world about your personal issues or dislikes. It’s about being able to connect with love ones or to meet and network with colleagues, to talk about similar interests and bond with those who enjoy what you enjoy. I’m so tired of seeing all the negativity on social media and it’s put a hinder on my own pages. I just don’t log on as much as I used to but hopefully one day, that’ll all change.

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