Monday, July 28, 2014

Twenty Fun Facts About Madison Street - BLOG TOUR!

Twenty Fun Facts

  1. Madison is my pen name. It is actually my daughter’s name.
  2. This story is loosely based on my own experiences; for instance, the interaction between Duke and Raya was inspired from events my husband and I share.
  3. I thought of the name Duke from Channing Tatum’s character in, “She’s the Man.” LOVE that movie!!!
  4. The location and setting of the story are places I used to live in. I grew up in The Bronx and lived in Chicago for 2 years.
  5. I have two children and a white and fluffy Pekachon (Pekinese and Bichon mix) named Chase, who I consider my 3rd child. He’s my baby!
  6. I once was kicked out of a Vegas casino (Treasure Island) for gambling underage.
  7. Growing up in NYC, I had the pleasure of meeting a few actors/directors on set of their movies. It was kickass awesome!! I’ve met Spike Lee, John Leguizamo, and I got to see James Franco film Spider-Man.
  8. I absolutely LOVE roller coasters and always sit in the front row. The higher the drop, the better!
  9. I like to race cars, especially when I’m driving long distance. A few of my co-workers refuse to let me drive for lunch as they stroke out! Ha-ha! My nickname is Tokyo Drift.
  10. When I was 9, I chipped my front tooth and have had a fake one, ever since.
  11. As a child, I used to write my own episodes of my favorite TV shows and still have them.
  12. My vice is soda; mainly Coke. If I don’t drink soda at least once a day, I’m a raging bitch.
  13. I have such a dirty mind, to the point where I honestly think like a man. My husband always tells me that he feels like he married a dude sometimes.
  14. I absolutely love music!! I listen to it all day, every day. Sometimes, I will bust a quick move out in public, even when there’s no music going. It’s constantly playing in my mind. My husband laughs at me all the time for it.
  15. I hate wearing clothes. I always strip naked when I’m home and just wear a robe.
  16. I love everything Jane Austen. She is my idol. And Mr. Darcy…yeah, he can get it.

17. I’ve traveled to many places around the world except Australia. Hopefully, one day. 
18. Last year, I went to see Rob Schneider do stand-up comedy. He really is so tiny! I shook his hand after the set, and he’s shorter than me and his hands were so baby soft and tiny! Mind you, I’m only 5’3”. I felt like a giant next to him.
19. My husband has been my best friend, ever since high school. After being apart for 4 years, we found each other again and started dating. We eloped a month later, and have been together for 8 years.
20. I am a movie buff, especially 80s movies. I love them so much and can spit out movie lines in every day conversation. Yup, it’s a gift.

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