Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon

Addison Reed lost her fiancé, but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect his legacy. When the gorgeous and arrogant landowner, Brazilian millionaire Bruno Duarte, who is thwarting her at every turn, refuses to meet with her, she puts her plan into action. He will listen to her.  
Bruno’s plan was simple: return to Brazil and marry to fulfill his father’s dying wish. But when his engagement crumbles, and he’s then stranded with an idealistic woman hell-bent on saving a tribe of people on his land, he sees the perfect solution. If his feisty and passionate abductor agrees to a bogus marriage, he’ll relocate the tribe.
With the Brazilian heat rivaling the growing heat of their desire, will Bruno and Addison abandon their respective plans and give in to each other, or will their differences tear them apart?

***received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review***

Let's start with this cover! I mean - WOW! (I adore how Romance books can have these cheesy titles! They always make me giggle!) Don't let that steer you from this book. Intense, hot and made me feel like I was sitting on the beaches in Brazil! This book was filled with everything but cheese!

 This is a first for me from Carmen Falcone. And I was beyond pleased. Carmen's take on enemies to lovers in this book was fun and intriguing. Addie has such pain and sorrow behind her mission that her drastic measures to obtain her goals make your heart ache. Mix a brooding, sexy Brazilian billionaire in the mix who needs her to successfully pull of his plan - this is bound to be a disaster of epically hot proportions. The physical attraction is instantaneous, but both Bruno and Addie have their own reasons for not giving into the lust.

"I was torn between slapping your face or kissing you. I went with kidding you because, you know, I'm a pacifist."
"Make love and not war is always a good motto."

I loved every up in the story. I loved every stolen touch, every stolen glance and the grand gestures. I love all these moments almost as much as the bumps. The bumps were so much fun. Bruno and Addie are snarky and ultra sassy - and I love every second of it. These two really felt like a real couple. 

"Addie, meu amor, for a wife of convenience, you're very inconvenient."

You get your HEA in the end, and with a cast of lovable and enticing supporting characters, I can easily see reading about Bruno's siblings. An easy 4 for Carmen and her Brazilian Tycoon! I would LOVE to know who she envisioned as Bruno! This is who I read him as! 

Now let's show Carmen some LOVE!!!

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