Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Melinda Harris & Characters Innterview!

1) What is your favorite book of all time? 
Melinda: Oh, the pressure! It's no secret I'm an Austen fan, but a romance writer liking Jane Austen is kind of given, is it not? Honestly, I fall in love with a new book every week. There are too many amazing authors out there. I can't imagine trying to choose only one favorite.
2) The men in your books - do you write what you know?
Melinda: Yes and no. I have muses in some cases, but my characters usually end up being a good combination of familiar and unknown. I enjoy venturing out of my comfort zone with characters, trying on new personalities and feeling those emotions. I love the compassion and understanding that comes along with that process. It's my favorite part of writing.
3) With the Fangirl series, how many do you plan to write?
Melinda: As of right now, there will be four (one for each girl) and possibly a novella.
Are you writing from the girls of Delia or will you venture to the men of the London? (Reaching for Ollie!!)
Melinda: Swoon. I'm in love with Ollie too, but I honestly haven't given much thought to writing books about The London Boys. I'm not saying it won't happen, but I don't have it in my sights at the moment. Let's just say...you never know.
4) Who is your real "Ethan?"
Melinda: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. ;-) No seriously, I'm always hesitant to tell people this because what if you're not a fan? Then Ethan may be ruined for you, and I certainly don't want that. Ethan is whoever you want him to be. That's the beauty of reading, right? Right? Can we still be friends? Pretty please?
5) How do you feel about dog-earred books? 
Melinda: As opposed to bookmarks, I assume? If yes, then I would say I have zero problems with dog-earred books. I own several books where I have dog-earred the pages of my favorite parts. That way, whenever I need a fix, I can pick it up and go directly where I want to be. Sometimes that results in me reading the entire book again for the millionth time, but there's not a thing wrong with that either.
6) Are London Boys based off a real group like Ethan was? 
Melinda: Not really. And if I'm being completely honest, boy bands aren't really my thing these days. But you know what? I found myself listening to various boy band songs while writing certain scenes, and there may or may not have been a few spontaneous dance breaks.
7) What is the best fangirl moment you've had? Either as the fan or the receiver) 
Melinda: I've been blessed with a few of these on both sides, but the one that immediately comes to mind was when my sister surprised me with a copy of "You Never Know" signed by "the real Ethan Grant". I cried like a baby when she gave it to me. It is definitely a prized possession and something I will cherish for the rest of my days.
8) This question is for Sydney - Do you still hate boats? 
Sydney: No, but don't tell Simon. I think he likes it when he feels like he's protecting me. Plus, he has these adorably sexy ways of helping me overcome my fears. Be jealous, ladies. Be very, very jealous.
9) This question is for Lacey - Have you retired your pearls for good? 
Lacey: I think so. Shedding that familiar layer was like cutting the final tie to my parents. It was scary, but it felt good. I'm comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life, and I have my sweet Sydney to thank for that. That girl's so much smarter than she gets credit for.
10) This question is for Ollie - What is your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's? (Girls gotta plan if you ever tire of Lacey! LOL) 
Ollie: Depends on who I'm licking it off of, my lovelies. Have to see what flavor pairs best with yours. Care to do some research?

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