Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sometimes You Know

Author Melinda Harris continues her Fangirl series with the upcoming release, Sometimes You Know. I genuinely enjoyed the debut book in this series, and was eager to see what Melinda had in store Sydney.

You start your journey with Sydney when she was just thirteen. "My body at the time happened to be crafted by my mother's Southern cooking and a foul she-devil named Little Debbie." Sydney is head over heels in love with Simon Young of the boy band, London Boys. A chance encounter when she was just a teen leaves her forever changed!

Fast forward to present day and Sydney is at her new job eager to pick up her first clients. Even more eager when she learns from her friend and co-worker, Lacey, that this potential client is none other than LONDON BOYS!!! *Insert 13 Year Old Fangirl Squeal*

Throughout this novel, I adore the glimpses into the well-being of Ethan and Sam and all my other new friends from Delia. With a little encouragement from a friend and uber hot Hollywood director (Ethan) Sydney is given the chance of a lifetime! (Both career and personal!) Sydney and Simon's second meeting was anything but ideal. And when he finds out the next day that she is the band's new PR representative - things become a little awkward.

London Boys has been through a lot of downs over the last 10 years and Simon seems to be the root of a lot of problems. He has dealt with a loss that his brothers in the band cannot imagine. During this rough time, Simon choose Jack Daniels and nameless women instead of accepting the help of his friends. Needless to say, their relationship is suffering.

This a such a strong story of friendship, second chances, finding yourself and true love. The journey to your HEA is a lot bumpy then most and filled with hard decisions, a lot of tears and a pair of Doc Martens. "You had me at Doc Martens." I loved Rob, Ollie and even James (the other guys in the band!) a ton, and would love to see a book from Ollie, even if it is such a novella. His character leaped off the page and into my heart. (Jealous, Lacey?!?) Lacey is Sydney's uptight  cardigan and pearl wearing friend, who I loved! She is snarky and her crush on Ollie is perfect. (His need to her school teacher exterior makes me giggle!) Every character fit perfectly. It was just the right chemistry. The banter is perfect! These are some of my favorite lines:

"We all know your best strength, Simon," I start. "But I don't think hitting on women is relevant to the current conversation."

"You can't trust people who don't like ice cream."

"I know, brother. Now, if you can put your vagina back in your pants and get your arse on stage, we'd greatly appreciate it."

"Ollie already asked mate. But I've always thought you were sexier. Maybe we can get Rob to join in, yeah? I like his pretty lips."

"You might want to lock your door, just in case one of us starts feeling frisky later."
I smirk and walk back toward the bedroom. "In that case, I'll leave the door open, Loverboy."

"I'm even following you to the loo. You will have no peace, from now on."

I could really go ON and ON. The author showed such an incredible amount of growth between these two books that I was in awe and had to tell her immediately. I am eager to get my hands on any future books she writes (and I hope she writes a TON!) This romance has the perfect amount of heat for a Contemporary Romance and reaches out to the FANGIRL in all of us. I can't tell you anymore without reading the entire book to you! (I practically did to my husband, I am sure he just LOVED that! Sense the sarcasm?) This book releases on the 17th of July. Trust and believe that I will remind you! I will leave you with one last quote with my favorite character from this series, Ms. Harper (Sam's mother!)

"Don't you use that language in this house, Oliver Sutton," she scolds. "And never around my grandson. You hear me?"
Ollie looks down at his Nike's as he rubs his shoulder. "Yes, Ms. Harper."
"Good." Ms. Harper pats his back lovingly. "Now, you still better save me a dance tonight."
Ollie looks up with a smirk. "Anything for your sexy bum."
"Oliver! I won't tell you again!"

As always, we shall close with showing the author some serious FANGIRL love! 

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