Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sinful Rewards 9

No longer torn between the billionaire and the biker, Bee has claimed her man, branding his skin with her scent, his soul with her care. He’s her ideal choice, building passion within her she didn’t know existed, supporting her dreams, and willing to do anything for her.

But is she the ideal choice for him?

An early-morning surprise attack and the arrival of a beautiful, witty, and regrettably nice rival make Bee question her decision. Does she step aside, forgoing her forever to ensure her man’s survival, or does she risk his life and her heart on love?

Nine parts in. 3/4... 75%... Only 300 (roughly) pages left until the conclusion of our friend's story. Geez. Can you believe we have been following this serial for NINE months?!? I never thought I could become invested in a serial the way I have with this one. My phone alerts me the week of it's release. In which, I re-read the previous 1-3 in order to get back into the Windy City. On a completely non-book related note, my 5 year old is playing for the Cubs this year in Baseball. What are the odds that I might run into Hawke or Nicolas at one of his games? Hehe. Okay, onto the review or my thoughts... 

  • This books lacks the obvious kind of drama that the previous 8 held. To clarify, I loved this installment! Forcing Bee to stay in "her" home to protect her forced a lot to happen within Bee. 
    • Bee had to deal with her strong feelings for Hawke. 
    • Bee felt jealousy when encountering Ellen for the 1st time. 
    • Bee was able to accomplish something she has always wanted to do, but was never able to do as a child - throw a party! (A Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Party... there may or may not have been several proposals of marriage to Bee that came from people other than Hawke or her Jelly Bean Billionaire!) 
  • While always been an independent and strong woman, I feel this installment is preparing for Bee to do something she has never had to do - stand alone.
    • Cyndi, her BFF, has found her own two feet and leaves to LA with Cole. This move is temporary, but I know (and so does Bee!) - she isn't coming back. 
    • Her Mom is taking a much needed "vacation" that is developing a friendship with a man that has the trust and respect of a man like Hawke. 
    • Even Hawke is away for much of this book. Never far in thoughts, but she had to find her place with a group of people that were not in her direct inner circle. I, for one, was VERY proud of Bee. 
  • Ellen brings up such an interesting situation for Bee to be faced with. Jealously. She dealt with it when she was pining for her billionaire, Nicolas. Jealous of his attention, his time and so much more. When dealing with Hawke, she never sees him as a handsome man, but always thinks of him. Never sees him as her "home," but finds one in him. Never sees him as the solution to all her problems, but he doesn't take NO for an answer. While Nicolas offers Bee solutions, she politely declines because that is what a "good girl" does. Hawke just takes care of "his girl." Ellen being introduced to the mix was great. The best part? She was introduced without Hawke being around. Bee was given an opportunity to build up this developed story of where the two of them (Ellen & Hawke) are destined to be together. Such a better fit. How can he not see Ellen the way Bee does? I think this situation showed Bee's true feelings.
"I watch a lot of action movies. I know how to fight."
My former marine doesn't laugh at my feeble joke. "Dawg said Ellen pinned you to the floor."
"The pinning was brief," I lie. "I was resting, preparing for another round. She was about to face my full fury."
  • I am eager to read the next one to see where the talented Cynthia Sax takes this serial. One thing I long for at the end of the year of Sinful Rewards - Cynthia's go-to Mac & Cheese recipe. I know she is holding out on us! (hint...hint... if she is reading this!)
Now, let's show this woman some LOVE!!! 

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