Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sinful Rewards: The Final Installment

The thrilling conclusion to the Billionaires and Bikers series!

One tiny mistake turns Bee Carter's worst fears into a terrifying reality. She knows she isn't alone. The sexy, honorable man she adores stands by her side, willing to sacrifice his freedom to ease her concerns.

But she yearns for more than he is offering. She wants a partner who will love her as fiercely as she loves him, who will say the words and mean them, and someone who will choose her because this is what he desires more than anything else, not merely out of a misguided sense of duty.

Will saying no to the man she loves earn Bee unbearable heartache or will she finally get the forever she craves?

A few thoughts. 
  • I cannot believe that I have been on this sinful ride with Cynthia Sax for a whole YEAR now! My eyes tear up a little thinking about the whole in my heart that will not be filled with my monthly dose of Bee, Hawke and Nicolas. 
  • Purple! What a perfect way to end. It is my favorite color. And speaking of covers - How hot is this one?!? *fans self*
  • I saw a lot of talk that there was little need for a 12 because 11 was pretty well ended. Let me tell you something I have learned... Cynthia doesn't write to fill pages. Everything in 12 was needed. Period. 
A proposal of epic proportions happens at a not so epic time causing doubt to fill Bee's mind. My heart ached for Hawke. This man of few words may not verbalize the feelings he feels, but he shows her. Hawke, once again, understands what Bee needs to feel no doubt. In his unique way, he sums it up perfectly: 
"My lame-ass proposal, my offer to permanently fuse my life with yours, wasn't enough, was it?" He bites off each word. "You need more from me." 
He's angry and hurt. I hurt the man I love. 
"I'll get you more, sweetheart." Hawke puts a sarcastic twist on this endearment. "I'll get you so much damn proof, you won't have room for doubt. We'll settle this insecurities shit once and for all."  
And he leaves. OUCH! And then who  better to show up, then my all-time favorite crappy friend - Mr. Nicolas Rainer. YAY! I adore his tone and snark. When Bee goes on and on (and on...) about how Hawke doesn't love her because their situation doesn't match the movies (hehe) - he stops her and simply says
"Don't you have an article on this?"  I love him for this. I love Nicolas for his blunt manner of speech. Similar to Hawke in the way of being blunt - but oh so different. His eyes sparkle. "I've never said I love ice cream." He shovels the sweet treat into his mouth with a boyish glee. "But I do. Very much." His lips curl upward. Let's talk about my feelings in regards to my jellybean billionaire. First, I was #TeamNicolas for a large portion of this series. Even when it was obvious that Hawke was her person. Nicolas has something about him that calls to my soul. Or maybe it is just the love for jellybeans that he and I share. When I finally converted to the dark side and joined #TeamHawke, I fell for Nicolas on an entirely different level. His loyalty to Hawke and the protective vibe he had with Bee was beyond sweet...sprinkled with the perfect amount of sarcasm. Hawke plans this perfect scenario for Bee - everything she has always wanted - and offers her the grand gift of proving to everyone she is not who they think... and Bee makes me SO STINKIN PROUD in her reaction and her realizations that none of that matters. She has her man, she has her true friends (even if they are terrible...hehe) her Mom and she has her life. That is all that matters. Bee, Nicolas and Hawke were bound to have a fun dynamic once they got together, and they don't let me down with the asking of him to be the best man: 
"I'll also need a best man, someone who doesn't mind wearing a tux and can make it through an entire speech without cussing... The pickings are slim." 
"I'll  be a terrible best man." His eyes shimmer with moisture.
Those can't be tears. The billionaire would never cry. 
"I'll send you some articles." 
So much of this story warmed my heart. Seeing the final pieces of this story come together was breathtaking. All the players in Bee's life that she didn't think would come together did - and for one beautiful reason: The love Bee & Hawke share. The final part I want to share is my favorite because it shows Lona, Cyndi and Nicolas (along with Bee's mother in the background) all together in the name of Bee. 
Nicolas gazes at me, appreciation in his brown eyes. "Are you trying to get me killed, Miss LaMarre? I'm not commenting on the attractiveness of our bride-to-be. I like my head where it is."
"Stuck up your ass," Cyndi mutters. 
"Straight men don't know about fashion.: Kenzie is on Cyndi's side. 
"Maybe not.: Nicolas's voice is curt and clipped. "But this straight man does know he'd rather not look at his best friend's nipples all night."
"She's not your best friend." Cyndi jumps to her feet. "She's mine."
Cynthia simply put - made a series that glowed throughout the entire 12 installments. You fell in love, had your heart broken, made friends for life and realized that you are stronger than you thought, braver than you thought and deserve all life has to offer. This series was more than an erotic tale of love - it was about family, blood and not; friendship, simple and not; striving for all you deserve and want while surviving all the world is going to hit you with. Perfection. Beautiful. A series I will read again and again. 

Finally, let's show this lady some LOVE... 


  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Sinful Rewards 12!
    (big hugs)

    1. Anytime! Thank you for writing such an amazing tale of love!!!