Monday, August 18, 2014

Beauty and the Brit

Tough and self-reliant Rio Montoya has looked after her two siblings for most of their lives. But when a gang leader makes threats against her sister Bonnie, even Rio isn't prepared for the storm that could destroy her family. When their dreams are shattered in one dangerous moment, Rio seeks refuge for them all at a peaceful horse farm in the small town of Kennison Falls, Minnesota.
Rio should feel safe in Kennison Falls, but her budding romance with the stable's owner, handsome British ex-pat David Pitts-Matherson, feels as dangerous as her past. The incredibly sexy David is as far from her type as any man could get, yet he tempts Rio in a way she never expected. But Rio knows that her time in Kennison Falls is limited, that her family is still in danger, and that she and David come from completely different worlds—a recipe for disaster.
David has his own secrets, and even the sparks he feels flying with the fiery and beautiful Rio may not be enough for him to let her into his heart. Can the beauty and the Brit ever find common ground? Or will their pasts stand in the way of true love?

***I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Let me get this out of the way first. I giggled when I first saw this cover. I must tell you "David" on the cover looks like Neil Patrick Harris. Tee Hee Hee... Now on to the review! 

I loved this book. Full of intrigue, family, romance and a British accent. *Insert One Direction Tween Fangirl worthy SWOON here* You meet Rio, Bonnie and Paul. A family of siblings who are living in the gang filled streets of Minneapolis. While running into some trouble, Rio takes her younger sister to the community center ran by a friend, Chase. At the Crossroads, Rio is taken aback by David. 

"You're Br-"
"Bruised up?" David cut her off with a teasing wink. :I'm not, though. Honestly. Please don't worry."
"Worry?" She scoffed although her eyes remained wide. "I'm trying to figure out what the Duke of Edinburgh is doing in a place like this."

David Pitts-Matherson is not your typical American cowboy. David has his secrets and his faults. Rio can't see them through his kind gestures and sultry accent. Bonnie and Paul find themselves in the middle of some gang-related trouble which may or may not lead to an arson, and the next thing you know Rio and Bonnie are heading to Chase's place until things can get figured out. That is until some pipe related issues claim Chase's house and she has no other choice than to take up the offer of David. 

Relief slowly takes over Rio as Bonnie makes friends and seems to be starting a life in Kennison Falls. Relief is quickly replaced by confusion, lust and many other emotions as Rio figures out what she wants in life - and if David is apart of that plan. I love his attempts at "courting" her, and the difference in their understandings and backgrounds. The snark and laughter exchanged between David and Rio just might be my favorite thing. 

"You didn't really say that!" She laughed. "Not many girls could come up with lines like that in the middle of a conversation. Did you learn poetry in Scouts, too?"

"Did you know your accent gets heavier when you start talking faster?" The lightness returned to Rio's eyes. 
"Sorry. I try not to let that happen, but I don't hear it."
"If you say sweet I'll clock you."

"Do you use it for anything?"
"Only my trysts and illicit liaisons?"
She whipped her head around to stare at him, and he made a face.
"Dork," she admonished. 

Other than the obvious love story, you also fall in love with Kennison Falls. I want to eat at the Loon Feather and buy a hot dog to support the library. I want to meet the new sheriff and see Dawson make all the high school girls swoon. Heck, I wouldn't even mind getting to know David's mum and his ex, Kate. (If I was bored and had nothing to read! LOL) Rio described the town best when she said "I swear this place is covered in pixie dust or something. It's like having coffee in Cinderella's Castle." 

This was a first read for me from Lizbeth Selvig, but it DEFINITELY will not be my last. This was a well written love story full of mystery and suspense. I was eager to unfold all the layers of the back story, find the why's behind the what's and see the deserving people find their HEA. 

Lizbeth knows her way around a romance. This is the EXACT reason why I am so grateful for being an Avon Addict this go around! I am sure I would have found Ms. Selvig in my weekly window shopping of books, but with the help of Avon - I didn't have to wait, and now I am hooked! 

FOUR STARS for 'Beauty and the Brit' 
Releases September 2nd, 2014

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  1. Thank you Catherine! I'm so thrilled you liked the book. And I'm honored with the wonderful review. Big hugs!

  2. Wow, I didn't realize it until mentioned, but 'David' on the cover does resemble NPH! And that's a good thing. Great review and I wish you much success, Liz!

    1. I saw the cover on Facebook well before I read it and mentioned it. Haha. I was sure in NPH's many schemes on How I Met Your Mother he would have dressed up like a cowboy to land a woman - but I couldn't find a picture to compare!