Thursday, September 25, 2014

The TBR Tag a la Catherine

Meghan over at Sweet Tea & Sassy Reads nominated me (and my book sidekick, Kristyn) for this the other day. This tag was created by  Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books and Dana from Dana Square. I'm sure this is going to be super embarrassing and shameful, but I'm doing it. Let's talk about how out of control my TBR is.
How Do I Manage My TBR?
Honestly? I don't. I try. Being an Avon Addict, I try to read those first since they were kind
enough to send them to me. Also any ARCS I read as soon as I can once I receive them. I have my running list on Goodreads, and then the few ONE-CLICKS I have on my Kindle. 
Not sure WHICH # they were referring to, so I listed the number under my TO-READ column on GOODREADS. 
Is My TBR Mostly print or ebooks?

Print. Print is my preference. And honestly, between my Kindle and my bookshelf - my Bookshelf holds more of my TBR shelf. 

Ashamed? Nope. This is my actual OWNED books in my TBR pile. 74 are physical and 20 on my Kindle. I am proud of it. I don't go ONE-CLICK crazy because I set a limit on how my I can spend each month. And I read like a maniac. Like I previously stated, if it is available in Print - I've got it in print. 
How do I determine which book from my tbr to read next?

A LOT goes into that decision. Some determining factors? Is the next coming out soon? Did I receive it as a ARC, or as a recommendation from a friend? Is it for Book Club? Are wee planning on Dual-Reviewing it? And then comes my mood. I get on kicks by genre. 
A book that’s been on my tbr the longest

The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop:A Memoir, A HistoryAdd it to YOUR TBR shelfThis book was added shortly after Borders closed it is about a former Booksellers experience of the bookstore. I need to buy it, it's been there since October 2011.

A book I recently added to my tbr

Most recently, I added the upcoming Sweet, Texas book by Candis Terry:
Sweet Surprise. 

Add it to YOUR TBR on GoodreadsI just adore Candis Terry, and cannot wait for Fiona's story. You get to know her so well through the Wilder boy's paths to HEA, and while HEA with a Wilder didn't work out, she is still a part of the family. And she deserves some meddling from Momma Wilder.
A book on my tbr strictly because of its beautiful cover
I will be honest with you, I am not often a cover reader. I have been sadly disappointed by cover hype. This particular one caught my eye, and I added it to my TBR shelf. Then I bought it from Amazon because I needed it's pretty cover on my shelf. I am going to read it, and Kristyn says it is AMAZING!
Don't Look Back Jennifer Armentrout
Add it to YOUR TBR Shelf

A book on my tbr that I never plan on actually reading

Oddly, I went through my entire list and I don't see one that I don't plan on actually reading at SOME point. There are kids books that I wouldn't read on my own, but I co-read with my kids so I know they are comprehending what they are reading and it is a great bonding activity for us.
An unpublished book on my tbr that I’m excited for

OMG. This is easy. I have a TON listed that aren't out yet. But this book is probably my most anticipated book on my TBR list. Sidenote: If you haven't read this series, where have to been? We plan on doing a re-read through the series in December to prepare for this books release in January.
Burned (Fever #7)Karen Marie Moning
Add this book to YOUR TBR shelf on Goodreads

A book on my tbr that basically everyone has read except me

The Casual VacanyJ.K. Rowling
Add to YOUR TBR Shelf on GoodreadsA huge Harry Potter fan here. I have had this book on my TBR shelf since it came out, but I just don't have it in me to read yet. Maybe after a little more time has passed. I understand why she published it under a different name. Could you imagine trying to live up to Hogwarts? It isn't even in the same ballpark, and yet people compared and compared. I will read it in time. I think she is a genuinely talented author, it is just still TOO soon for me. 

A book on my tbr that everyone recommends to me

The Dark LoverJ.R. Ward
If you are like me & haven't read it, Add it TODAY!At first, when people began recommending it to me, I didn't read sexy scenes, and that was my hesitation with this series. Well, now SMUT is my book of choice. I guess, I haven't read it since it is so far down on my  TBR list, and it is a large commitment. This series is time consuming, and I am not ready yet.
One day soon.
I promise EVERYONE. 

The number of books on my tbr shelf

While doing this FUN blog post, I have added some books to my TBR. Even ONE-CLICKED 2 books. (shhh, my Husband thinks I am NUTS!) But this is my TOTAL # of TBR both physical and e-book.

 I thought it would be higher. Haha
This was a BLAST! I would tag Kristyn, but Meghan already tagged her. I am excited to see her answers. I bet her TBR shelf puts us all to shame. I challenge Rachel Boston from Flying High On Romance and Codi Gary. (You can visit her blog Right Here!) But, I welcome and encourage EVERYONE to do this - it was a fun post, and it reminded me of how many AWESOME books I have left on my TBR shelf! 

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